If you have enquired about any type of visa, you may have across the term ‘case worker’ at some point. In this blog, we will be covering who a case worker is and what is their role in your visa process.

The Case Worker in the Department of Immigration reviews your application and the documents that you provide during application. Your eligibility for a particular visa subclass is assessed by the case worker.


We have listed down the responsibility of a case worker in your visa process.



  • Counselling candidates who apply for visa
  • Handling client interactions and queries regarding visa process and regulations
  • Responsible for filing & processing of all types of visas
  • Coordination with clients & embassies, visa facilitation services and high commission
  • To take corrective measures for visa rejections and refusals and getting the visa done in the subsequent submission.
  • Oversee the verification of all relevant visa and immigration documents and ensure that they are received within the deadline set by the immigration department
  • Requesting applicants to provide additional information for verification if required


The case worker will grant you your visa application if you fulfill all the requirements for the visa criteria. In case there is need for more verification, the case worker will request for more information and documentation to continue with the visa process.


For instance, if you applied for a spouse visa to move in with your partner in Australia, the case worker might request for more information and documents that validate your relationship with your spouse/partner in Australia.


It is the responsibility of the Case Worker to make sure all the information provided by the applicant is genuine and that every eligible candidate gets through.


Once the case worker requests you for additional information, you have a deadline of 28 days. And by submitting the requested information within deadlines you are assured that your visa process wont be delayed.


Incase you are unable to submit the requested evidence within deadline, you can request your case worker to extend the timeline. This should be considered only times of emergency when you are not able to produce documents within the deadline due to serious issues.



Visa Process can be time consuming and tedious too. And hence, here are some points you should consider while applying for visa to Australia.


  • Time Duration of every visa depends on various factors like which country you belong to
  • Every year, a huge number of migrants apply for visa. This makes visa process in the immigration department lengthy. Please be patient with you process.
  • Make sure you attach all the relevant documents to avoid any delay
  • You should proceed with flight booking and accomodations only after you have been granted a visa
  • Once you have been granted a visa, you can start with other formalities like quitting jobs, looking for temporary accomodation, etc


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