Are you an entrepreneur planning to migrate overseas? Then Quebec is the place for you. It is the largest province in Canada in the central location of the country. Quebec is also the province with the largest French speaking population and hence also has French as its official language.


Quebec is very popular among migrants and often recommend it to other aspiring migrants as well. Over the years, Quebec has come across as a province with a strong economy. This economy has been largely dependent on its natural resources that the land has to offer. In the last few decades, with the growth and development in various sectors like information technology, telecommunications, aerospace and pharmaceuticals, Quebec is perceived as a goldmine for investors and new businesses.


Now that Quebec has caught your interest for all the reasons mentioned above, let us introduce you to the Entrepreneur Immigration Programme for Quebec.




An entrepreneur in Quebec is defined an experienced business owner or manager in a legal, profitable enterprise from overseas. These entrepreneurs must have atleast two or more years of experience in commercial, industrial, agricultural or technology industry. It is also expected that as an entrepreneur, you are capable of employing atleast one Quebec resident along with other foreign residents and dependents.


There are a few requirements that are to be met while applying fot the Quebec Entrepreneur Immigration Programme.


  • Minimum requirements of assets worth Canadian Dollars 300,000
  • Minimum experience as an entrepreneur of two years (in the last five years) or have an overall control of atleast 25% of the total capital equity in the last five years


To explain the Quebec Entrepreneur Immigration Programme, here are two situations under which you are eligible for this visa programme.


As an applicant, you have to submit a business proposal and state your objective of either creating a business or acquiring one in the province. You must also state how you will be managing the business or whom will you be partnering with someone on a daily basis. Also, you must have a minimum authority of atleast 25% of the total equity share of atleast Canadian Dollars 100,000 with your accompanying partner or spouse.


In order to apply for this visa programme, you must acquire a business or a venture in Quebec with a minimum control of 25% of the equity capital of the net value of Canadian Dollars 100,000 alone or with your accompanying partner. You must also how you will be managing the business and if you will be doing it alone or employing Quebec residentials.


As an applicant, you will have to provide proof for to apply for this visa.


  • Age Proof
  • Language proficiency skills
  • Business Proposal
  • Nature of your business or business acquisition
  • Professional skills required to run and manage a business
  • Knowledge about Quebec both financially and socially


It is also notified that every year, Quebec will receive a total of 150 applications for Quebec Selection Certificate under this visa category. For this year, the application dates are from 1st April 2015 and valid upto 31st March 2016.


If you are entrepreneur aspiring to go to Quebec, fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and our team of visa officials will get in touch with you.


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