Partner Visas to Australia



Partner Visas to Australia


Migrating to Australia as a partner is possible using the partner visas. If you are married to an Australian Citizen or eligible New Zealand applicant, you are eligible for a partner visa. Even if you are in a defacto relationship for at least 12 months, you may be eligible for immigration by obtaining Spouse visa to Australia.


What are the requirements for getting partner visa to Australia?

  • That you are legally married and can produce marriage related documents when needed
  • If unmarried, you have been in relation for at least 12 months and have plans of continuing relationship further
  • Having a genuine relation and adhering to moral and ethical codes of partnership
  • You are above 18 years of age to be legally approved for marriage / spouse status
  • You must pass health and character criteria


If these conditions are met, you have a very high chance of getting the visa secured.


What is the procedure?

The applicant may either be in Australia on a temporary visa or overseas, while applying for the partner visa to Australia. These situations may well dictate the probability of procuring a visa, for example getting a partner visa to Australia is much better from within Australia than from overseas.

To get started on your Visa process, please fill in a quick FREE VISA ASSESSMENT now and one of our executives will contact you with further information.


Can I obtain permanent residence through partner visa?


Yes. After 2 years of residing in Australia you will be entitled to obtain permanent residence in Australia. Only continuation criteria being your relationship with your partner still continues during the time of application.


Although in some circumstances a person may be given consideration for gaining permanent residence, these conditions being:

  • If the applicant and his / her Australian spouse have children under 18 years of age
  • If the spouse of the applicant has died during this period
  • If the applicant’s dependents have been subjected to domestic violence during these two years


These are basic criteria. There are some more case sensitive conditions like being useful to a firm, getting character recommendation from a firm, etc. which may be highly valuable for getting the citizenship process fast-forwarded.


How do I apply?

The best way to join your partner as soon as possible in Australia is by getting the visa documentation right. Start your application process by filling in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT, after which one of our leading experts will call you with your assessment details and what routes you can use to get your visa as soon and effectively as possible. Migrate Me is one of the leaders in emigration to Australia and our MARA certified emigration experts will help you secure your Partner visa to Australia  immediately.


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