Denmark is completely different country to live and work in. Apart from it’s scenic beauty and diverse culture, Denmark has been attracting many skilled workers in the past few decades.




The Danish Green Card is issued for residency as well a work permit to work in Denmark. The eligibility of the candidates is evaluated on the point system introduced by the Danish immigration department.


Once an individual is granted residency permit under the Denmark Green Card scheme, they are eligible to live in Denmark. It is to be noted that a residency permit under this scheme is not to be confused with a work permit. To be eligible to work, the applicant must also obtain a work permit separately. This work permit will enable a person to work in any organization or be self-employed.


The points rewards to individuals under the Denmark Green Card scheme is based on certain criterion set by the immigration department. This point system is used to assess if the applicant is eligible to apply for highly qualified jobs in Denmark.


Secondly, a permanent residency permit does not include getting a job. It is the responsibility of the applicant to search for a job before or while applying for a green card visa in Denmark. Getting a job proves as an assurance that the applicant is able to take care of themself during their stay in Denmark.


In short, to live and work in Denmark, you must obtain a permanent residency permit as well as a work permit that will allow you to live and work here. The probability of you getting both the permits totally depends on your professional qualifications and skills.


It is always advisable that you talk to people who have migrated to places you wish to migrate to. In this case, it is always better if you talk to people who have migrated and are living in Denmark. This will be an added benefit, as it will help you understand about the complete process as well as about this new land.


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