Nursing jobs in Canada

Nursing jobs in Canada
For some time now, nurses have been highly sought-after professionals in Canada. So high is the demand, in fact, that a recent change in immigration policy has made it possible for nurses to immigrate without a job offer (an almost mandatory requirement for other professions).

Additionally, the Quebec Skilled Workers Program (a point-based system) now awards the most points to nurses in the ‘field of study/area of training’ selection factor. This spells a fantastic immigration opportunity to qualified nurses looking to settle in Canada.

The need
The Canadian Nurses Association forecasts that by 2022 the country will need to source a whopping 60,000 nurses to meet the country’s requirements.

Most (if not all) the provinces require skilled nurses which is why most provide specialised assistance to nurses interested in working and living in a particular province. If you’ve narrowed in on a province, Migrate Me can guide you on the skills required and opportunities available.

The prospects
Nursing in Canada is a well-paying profession. Government sources peg the average salary at $51,000 a year, although this can go up to $80,000 in certain provinces and even over $100,000 in managerial positions.

The process
To be eligible for a nursing job in Canada, the educational credentials of the applicant have to first be deemed equivalent to the nursing programs in Canada. After the credentials are assessed, the applicants must register as a nurse in Canada, only after which the candidate may start the process for obtaining job offers and work permit in Canada. The process also gives the applicant nurses an option to stay in the country for the duration of the assessment process.

Once the application requirements have been met, the applicant is required to write the Canadian Registered nurse examination (CRNE) or Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Exam (CPNRE) as part of registration or licensure process. On successful completion of the examination, the applicant will be eligible to work as a nurse in Canada.

If you are a qualified nurse planning to immigrate to Canada, experts at Migrate Me can help you with the Visa and Relocation process. Benefit from our wide network of Immigration partners across the Canadian provinces, including Quebec, and make your experience a rewarding one!

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