How to move to Australia from UK?

How to move to Australia from UK?



Australia has always been a popular destination for British expats for a number of reasons – its job opportunities, lifestyle, quality of life and low crime rate, multi-culturism and its rich biodiversity.

If you are thinking of shifting base, here are a few things you need to know:

Visa types

Australia offers a number of visas and visa sub-classes that are based on an applicant’s education, employment status and other circumstances. Given the number of sub-classes, it can get quite difficult to identify exactly which visa you need to apply for, based on your specific circumstances for migration.

Generally, you can apply for a short-term work permit, a longer visitor’s visa and permanent residency (which is on based of the length of your stay the country) and citizenship (British citizens can hold dual citizenship, which means that they are given the privileges and responsibilities of both countries, and hold passports of both).

Visa application process

A visitor visa is needed to travel to Australia. British citizens can get the following types of electronic visitor visas:

  • eVisitor visa direct from the Department of Immigration & Citizenship. There is no visa application charge or service fee for this and is valid for a stay of 3 months;
  • Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) via your travel agent or airline.

Alternately, depending on the type of visa you are eligible for, you can go through the traditional route of applying for a visa at the Australian immigration office in the UK.

Visa evidencing

A visa label in your passport is not required to travel to or stay in Australia. All records are stored on a central database. When a British citizen checks in to fly to Australia, the airline electronically confirms whether the person has a valid visa to board the plane. 

There is an additional charge to have a visa label affixed to the passport, which also entails a separate application process.

Migrate Me experts can help you evaluate your application criteria and identify which sub-class you are best suited to.

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