Many individuals (and families) choose moving to Canada for its natural surroundings, welcoming population, and excellent work environment. However, Canada is still acing a lack of skilled individuals for man job profiles, thus creating additional opportunities for skilled immigrants.




Migrating to Canada relates to systematic and hassle-free procedures as compared to most other countries, whether you are a young individual looking to explore, or a retired couple willing to settle down.


Canada has been facing a shortage of skilled workers and hence has developed a system to suit the needs. The Canadian government, keeping in mind the growing pace of the employment industry as well as the needs of the applicants and potential employers, introduces the Express Entry System. It is a welcoming step taken towards encouraging migration of skilled workers, creating opportunities for them. This helps the applicants to select from a variety of potential employers and equips the employers with a vast pool of applicants to hire.


To describe briefly, the Express Entry System is an electronic system requiring the applicants to undergo two primary steps. The first one being completing the online Express Entry profile and getting ranked as per the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The second step includes receiving the Invitation to Apply (ITA), which enables the potential employers to select applicants from a pool.


Further information such as schedules, rounds, and other generic details can be obtained from the official website of CIC:


The system is introduced by the Canadian government to ensure ease of migration procedure for skilled immigrants as well as to save their valuable time. As such, care has been to keep this system updated and equipped to the latest needs of the population in general.


Let us have a look at the latest developments in this system.


The Seventeenth Draw

An interesting decrease was noted with the seventeenth draw of the Immigration Selection System that issues the Invitations to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency. The draw took place from the express entry pool on 18th September with 1,545 applicants receiving the ITAs. This also becomes the eighth draw in a line to select more than 1,400 applicants. A new low record of 450 (out of 1200) points was observed in the Comprehensive Ranking Systems’ Points. This means more opportunities for potential immigrants


Nova Scotia Allocation

The Canadian government allocated additional space to applicants from the Nova Scotia province. This move will allow Nova Scotia to nominate 1,350 applicants for the Express Entry Immigration Selection System under the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP), thus increasing opportunities.


The Francophone Experience

As you must be aware, Canadian government welcomes residents from Quebec too under the Express Entry System. This time the Canadian government took a step further in welcoming the people of the Francophone community who are residing outside Quebec. In march, CIC launched a video featuring stories of Francophone families who share their experiences of the Canadian immigration and their ability to maintain their cultural diversity, thus increasing Canada’s linguistic versatility.


Welcoming Iraqi and Syrian Refugees

In January 2015, Canada announced its commitment to welcome 10,000 Syrian and 3,000 additional refugees. This commitment will include refugees via government assistance and private sponsors. The Canadian government works with the United Nations Refugee Agency to resettle the refugees and provide humanitarian aid.


News for Spouses Awaiting Confirmation

A pilot program is launched for the benefit of the spouses of permanent residents Canadian citizens who are awaiting awaiting permanent residence status. These spouses can obtain work permit while their applications are under process, allowing them to reside with their partners until then. This ensures that the applicants do not have to choose between work and families, allowing better work-life balance.


With so many developments undertaken for meeting the needs of potential immigrants, the Canadian Express Entry System is fast gaining popularity amongst immigrants. This makes the land of maple leaves an ideal place to migrate and settle.


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