Australia is known to be one of the most sought after destinations for many aspiring migrants scross the globe. Being isolated from the rest of the continents, Australia enjoys solitude as well as a financially growing economy which helped in creating an environment for development for both life and career.


In the past few decades, Australia proved to be grow rapidly and to become one among the superpower nations in the world. With the growing value of Australian collar currency followed by the rise of job opportunities in every sector, many skilled workers choose to migrate to Australia every year.


Now is the time for the big question.



Australia is also known for its one of a kind migration system. There are subclasses and programs introduced to satisfy the requirements of every individual applying for an Australian visa. This system allows people to visit, travel, study, work and live in Australia.


The Australian Immigration introduced the Point System to assess and evaluate the applications for Australian Visas. There are various factors and requirements that migrants need to consider while applying for a visa.


Here are a list of conditions to be considered by applicants.



While applying for any skilled migration program, you have to prove your English Language Skills. There are tests like IELTS, TOEFL, etc in which you have to score a minimum 6 out of 9 in all bands. The criteria in these tests are

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking



It is essential for any migrant to fulfil the education qualification required for the migration program. These qualifications will assessed by the Australian Immigration and the assessing authorities.



You must provide evidence of funds that prove you can sustain yourself and your dependents while in Australia. For this, you have to have atleast one of the following:

  • Finances to sustain one’s stay in Australia
  • Employment offer from an Australian employer or state/territory


Once these requirements have been met, you are eligible to apply for Australian visa programs. For those who wish to apply for Skilled Migration Program will have to take up the Skills Assessments and your work experience. This assessments will help you gain points that will add up in your final score.


You have to score a minimum 65 points to be eligible for any of the Skilled Migration visas.


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