How to find jobs in Australia from the UK

How to find jobs in Australia from the UK?


Australia is famous for not just its sunny shores and friendly folk but its comfortable work culture as well.

For most, the first step to migrating to the country is finding a job. Every year, thousands of Brits migrate to Australia in search of better opportunities and better lifestyle. So if you’re considering a move, here are some pointers for your job search:


1. Focus on yourself: your keywords should be your own skills

When you’re looking for opportunities online, make sure your search is specific to your skills and career choice.

So first things first, list your areas of expertise, and skills/qualifications/work experience that you might have acquired over the years. These will help you  narrow down your search and save time.


2. Search for cities, not simply ‘Australia’: Focus increases accuracy

Instead of random searches for ‘Jobs in Australia’, do some background research, make a strategy, analyse job skills, and search for things like ‘shipwright jobs in Sydney Harbor’ for better results.


3. Put your network to work: Contact your friends and relatives

Touch base with friends, family relations or work contacts that you know of in Australia. While this might not work for everyone, there’s always people willing to lend a hand specially if you have the chops for the job.


4. Use free assessment forms online: Assessment forms help focus energies

Australia has a skill points system for immigration to assess how a person will perform in the Aussie workforce.

This requires an understanding of your skills, which could be helpful in getting the optimum score the very first time.


That is where Migrate Me comes in! Our free online assessment can help you better understand how you are placed when looking to migrate Down Under.

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