Emigrating to Australia over 45

Emigrating to Australia over 45


As lucrative as it may sound, emigrating from UK to Australia over a certain age is a little difficult. The age barrier is generally 30-35 in most skills. But as you gain experience, this barrier becomes a real problem in emigrating down under. Then what can you do?


A lot actually. It is a matter of keeping yourself educated and updated. Australia is a land of opportunities for anyone with good work experience. And if you are above 45, despite the difficulties things can still work out beautifully.

Skilled Occupation list

Australian Standard Classification of Occupations, 1997

This can be a good starting point. Grab an online copy of this and look through groups 1 to 3. <a href=”http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/Previousproducts/1220.0Contents11997?opendocument&tabname=Summary&prodno=1220.0&issue=1997&num=&view”>Click here</a> to view an online copy now.  The first figure in the 6-digit Code denotes the Major Groups.


Positions like managers, administrators, professionals and associate professionals are highly in demand in certain fields. And not doing well in others. Strategize well. If you need to get back to educating yourself to move down under, better get that education now.


Migrate Me employs an entire team of MARA Registered Australia emigration experts to guide you choose the best occupation and help get your application going as soon as possible. Being over 45 will become an asset to your purpose!


Education and Student Visas

Another good way of getting a visa to Australia is enrolling in an Australian University and getting a student visa. One can obtain a student visa from Australia at any age. This may come across as a not very intelligent option, but wait till you hear this – using this visa you can invest in a business in Australia while you are there.


This is a very sleek way of getting another visa – the Established Business Visa – for a longer and more promising relationship with Australia.


We have been providing hundreds of our clients with assistance for Student Visas to Australia. Extensive research and recruiting experts has led to Migrate Me becoming a very strong contender in the English visa consultants scenario.


Established Business in Australia – Subclass 845

If you go to Australia and invest in some good company that promises growth, you can sustain any kind of visa to Australia into a permanent residency using the Established Business Owner visa.


Emigrating to Australia over 45 is a cake when you have money to invest in a local business in Australia. But make sure the people you are investing have the right business plans, are genuine and will make your investment fruitful.


Migrate Me provides a complete assistance for getting to know an investable business, and even provides assistance to getting the right kind of team together and helping your investments be safe and earn you profits, as well as a permanent residency in Australia.


But what if you just want to visit the country, without any long term commitments in mind?


Visitor in Oz

Although the cut off for working holiday visa in Australia is 31, you can still opt for a tourist visa in Australia. This visa can be either used for a plain visit to Australia, or hunting for jobs in the Australian sub-continent.


Many times a few ambitious tourists arrive Down Under, and get in such good terms with the locals that they might get themselves a job offer. But this depends on your personal relationship building skills and your magic of having your way with people.


Migrate Me is one team which provides all the necessary awareness, option, education and assistance in one single place. If you are over 45 and looking for emigrating to Australia, fill in our short visa and relocation assessment form and get yourself assessed by our panel of experts – totally FREE of cost!

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  1. Andrew Cundy

    I am 56 years of age i have had 25 years working in Housing both at Sheffield City Council Housing Dept as an Housing Officer and 9 years at Sanctuary Housing in Hull England as a Debt Recovery Assistant and Welfare Advice Officer.I have also worked in the NHS and for the Magistrates Court.I do have a cv which i can forward to you if required.



    I am Raj from India, aged 47, married, spouse aged 46, 2 kids daughter aged 13 and son aged 7, I am working as a Manager in a MNC, i have graduate certificate studied 10+2+3 (B.A.) years of education, my spouse is a science teacher for secondary class students, her education is 10+2+3+1+2+2 (MSc. MPhil. B.Ed)
    I have made up my mind to study in Australia with sufficient funds to gain PR in Australia.

    Please advice me how to go about

    Your valuable advice will change my future and responsibilities which is shoulder

    Awaiting your swift response

    Best Regards,


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