Emigrating to Australia Checklist

Emigrating to Australia Checklist


It takes a lot of thought into relocation and planning is of essence. Partial planning can leave a lot of room for going and completing unfinished tasks back home.


Here is a small quarterly checklist to avoid making costly mistakes while emigrating to Australia.


9 months before

  •  Collate all your documents such as birth certificate, education degree, references and other legal documents
  •  If you have pets, start checking what you need to do to move them to their new location
  •  Prepare a budget for debt payoff and start the process quickly
  •  Start applying for jobs in Australia if you already haven’t
  •  Start investigating renting or buying a house in Australia
  •  If your own house will be vacant after you leave, put it on the market
  •  Check your passport validity and tally with the visa validity


6 months before

  •  Apply or any required police clearance as required
  •  If you have children, search for potential schools and universities, as per your stay and duration of stay
  •  The cost of living in Australia is lower than UK, but still need to research the best possible ways to keep budgets in check
  •  Get your medical and health check-ups done as some visas require these
  •  Quotes form freight and shipping companies should be secured by this time


3 months before

  • Book the flights to Australia
  •  Start talking to your current employer about your decision and submit your notice as may be required by the company you work for, and provide the necessary training to any employee that might be handling your tasks after you relocate
  • Obtain credit references form your bank
  •  Apply for Australian bank account as you will be requiring it as soon as you get there
  •  Start gathering cash for your first few weeks in Australia
  •  Hire temporary residence for first few weeks, and hire car for these weeks while you look around for more permanent accommodation and transport. Contacting friends will help in case they reside there
  •  Pack boxes and ship your possessions to Australia
  •  Registration of kids to schools in Australia and arrangement for your pets to move to Australia should be done


1 month before

  • Leave job and give notice on your rental lease
  •  Remove your name form utility bills and council tax
  •  Cancel any insurance policies you might have
  •  Cancel all future direct debits and stop orders
  •  Sell unwanted furniture and appliances. Usually, these are not required while relocating.
  •  If you own a car, list it in the classified with your dealers to sell it
  •  Sort out your tax refunds and other legal formalities
  •  Get your work reference and plan your farewells
  •  Cancel all other insurances you might hold, like car insurance
  •  Send a forwarding address to all your contacts and arrange for a redirection of your posts


These are some essential things to be added to your moving to Australia checklist.


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