Australia is known for being a financially accomplished country. And with the boom in the economy, Australian government is welcoming skilled migrants from all over the globe for to work and live in Australia. Apart from skilled migrants, students from overseas come to Australia in search of top class education and facilities. We have received many enquires about the options regarding how you can earn while you learn in Australia. So we thought to take up this matter in this blog.

Read more to know about your options while you are in Australia.


What stands as a concern among students is financial stability while studying in Australia. Australian Student Visa allows student candidates to work for 20 hours a week while their study program is on. While on break, student candidates can work for unlimited hours.


To be eligible to work while on a student visa, you must be entitled to be working legally in Australia. This permission has to be gained from the Australian Immigration which makes it easier for a student to work in Australia.


There are many industries to choose from for student candidates. From tourism, hospitality, agriculture, marketing, sales, administration, human resource, academics tutoring and guidance, etc. This will provide you with great experience and will make your resume make it look good.


This enables the students to not only earn while they are living in Australia, but also adds to the exposure students receive while they work. This eventually adds up to their experience when they are looking for employment in future.


Both private institutions as well as local NGOs are in need for scouts and stewarding services. For these services, they approach students from overseas and are based on daily basis. Ths is a great way of earning money. Apart from money, this also enriches the candidates to feel and embrace the Australia’s diverse culture.


Australian Immigration has rules to guide students working in Australia. These students have to follow the rules and protocols set by the immigration department so do the employers. Every employee should be treated with respect and dignity. The minimum wage is set by the employer which the student candidate has to agree while applying for employment.


Apart from this, the Australian Immigration assists and guides students from overseas to not only settle well in Australia but also find part time job in Australia.


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