Dare you to do this!


Dare you to do this!


Are you an adrenaline junkie? Is daredevil your middle name? Want to explore Australia in its truest form? Let us give you a list of things you should try once you are in Australia. And we DARE you to do these!




  • FLAKE FISH AND CHIPS BY THE BEACH – Flake is the most commonly used fish used in Fish aand Chips. And for those who are Googling what flake is, it is Shark! Though there isn’t a specific reason why shark is called flake, maybe because it is so appealing on the menu!


  • ROASTED KANGAROO – Kangaroo, the national animal of Australia is something you will also find on the menu. Because of its dense muscle and gelatinous taste, kangaroos are an excellent choice for braised dishes.


  • A PIECE OF VEGEMITE TOAST – In case you do not eat processed foods, you can definitely make an exception for Vegemite!


  • BARBEQUED CROCODILE WITH PARMESAN CHEESE, FRESH BREADCRUMBS & FRESH PARSLEY – Though crocodiles are now a protected species, not many restaurants serve crocodiles. So if you find one, just rush into the restaurant and order one – and don’t worry, they serve the farmed crocs!




  • SKY DIVING OVER THE GREAT BARRIER REEF – If you want to do something completely crazy, put on your jacket and jump out of a perfectly good plane, and you’ll own the moment! Sky diving over the Great Barrier Reef is an ultimate thrill and will make you push yourself beyond your limits. So, do you have guts to jump off into the Great Barrier Reef? We Dare you.


  • BUNGY JUMPING OVER THE CAIRNS RAINFOREST – Get ready to break the Laws of Gravity at the Bungy Site at Cairns Rainforest. Cairns Bungy Site is the only Bungy tower with over 16 types of jumping styles to offer. Whether you are a first time jumper or can’t contain your love for heights, This is the perfect spot and Task for you. So, before you start packing your bags, just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT forms and let us work together towards your dream trip to Australia.


  • SCUBA DIVING IN THE GREAT BARRIER REEF – When a traveler says he wants to dive Australia, he means he wants to scuba sive Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef. It is the only living structure made of living organisms that is visible even to the Astronauts in space! Apart from the kangaroo-filled bush, lush green tropical rainforest, stunning white sand beaches, the Sunshine Coast has purpose sunk wrecks, sandstone collection on the corals, etc. Don’t you want to emigrate to Australia immediately?


  • CLIMB THE SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE – Though first time climbers give mixed comments about climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, it is, still one of the most fascinating thing one could do in Australia. Though it can be a little pricey but hey, all best things come with a price! You can enjoy the whole of the Harbour in one vista, having a clear view of the Government house sitting on the knoll overlooking the Sydney Opera House and Farm Cove and Kirribilli House opposite. That is definitely best view of the entire city!




  • HUG A KOALA BEAR – Don’t you just want to hold on to those adorable little Koala bears and hug them? If you get a chance to enroll yourself I the wildlife tours, don’t miss the chance if you get one. Just make sure you don’t scare them off with your enthusiasm.


  • SWIM WITH CROCS AT DARWIN’S CROCASAURUS COVE – Yes, it is safe and the most outrageous thing you will do in Australia. There are various sessions that you can enroll yourself in. From Swim with the crocs to Fishing for crocs to Big croc Feed Experience. You can fulfill your dream of being the wildlife guy from the Discovery Channel!


  • FEED A WALLABY – When amongst the most beautiful creatures on earth, you will definitely want to have a one-on-one experience with them. You can hand feed the wallabies that roam freely in the sanctuary. They are harmless and outgoing, which makes it safe to around them with your young ones as well.


  • RIDE A CAMEL IN THE OUTBACK – Apart from the aqua, there are the deserts in the outback to explore. So hop on the camel back ad enjoy the safari across the Australian desert wilderness areas.




  • DRIVE A CAR ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROAD – Break the rules and go for a joyride. Though it isn’t what we propose you to do, but who doesn’t want a little thrill in their lives? Just make sure the cops don’t see you doing so.


  • WANDER THE MELBOURNE’S LANE WAYS – The only place where you can find rich art culture, boutiques, unique galleries, cafes and hidden bars – Melbourne Laneways. No trip in Melbourne is complete without a trip to the Laneways.


  • WALK ACROSS THE SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE – While Bridge Climbing can be expensive, walking across the Sydney Harbour Bridge is free. You can either take the pedestrian walkway from Rocks of the bridge to Milsons Point or the other way round. Tip: It is best to keep a map handy to find your access points to Sydney Harbour Bridge.


  • TRAVEL BY CAMPER VAN – The best point of travelling by a campervan is the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want. Imagine camping on beaches and gathering around a campfire with your mates while drinking beers under the starry sky. Living in a campervan will be so far the best experience of your life. Tip: Embrace the concept of Minimalism – The fewer things you carry, the less you have to worry about.


We could go on and on, but in case you haven’t applied for your visa yet, fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and let us do the hard work.

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