Coolest things to do in Perth!

Coolest things to do in Perth!

For an extraordinary experience in Australia, Perth should be your next destination in Western Australia! And what makes Perth so incredible? Here is a list of the coolest things you can do in Perth.



Rottnest Island or ‘Rotto’ like the locals call it, is quite famous for its picturesque beaches and bays. Inhabited by ‘quokkas’, this island lies 19km off the coast of Fremantle and is a favourite gateway for your weekend.

To explore the island, a bicycle is your new bestie! Rottnest is a car-free zone which gives you another reason to make it your destination this weekend. If you can’t find a bicycle, you can take the Rottnest Ferry and stay overnight. Snorkeling, fishing, diving and cycling over 60 beaches are some of the best known activities on Rotto.



Want beer, food, wine, chocolates and coffee at one place? Then The Margarita River Region is your gate away. This place is not only famous for its food and wine, but also for its relaxed environment and splendid beaches.

Sheltering people from various walks of life, don’t be surprised if the bartender turns out to be a artist by day and owns a surf board shack by the beach!



Perth is known for its outstanding scenic beauty, specially its sunsets. The sun setting over the Indian Ocean is something you shouldn’t miss for the world. As your adventurous day ends, sit with your partner along the beach and enjoy the romantic evening while the scarlet sky turns into a star-lit night.

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Want to escape the hustle of the city? Start your Sunday trip with Kings Park. Spread over 400 hectares in the inner skirts of the city, the stunning view of the Swan River and the Perth Skyline is worth the effort.

You can do the Indigenious Walking Tour and walk amongst the tree tops on the elevated bridge or walk amongst the grassy areas. A trip to the Kings Park will leave you astounded when you discover how the park is a sacred place and learn about the Australia’s origins.



Want to spice up your weekend? We bring you “Little Creatures Brewery” in Frementale. This massive pub set inside a boat shed floating on the water, is a modern brewery and restaurant that serves great beer and chilli mussels that you’ll come across in Perth. The peppy music and friendly staff add on to the energetic vibe of the place.



Put on some sunscreen and sunglasses as you head towards Cottesloe beach. Spend your Sunday evening sunbathing on the sand and swimming in the ocean. The view of the sun setting into the ocean will take your breath away. Be it with family, friends or just you and your spouse, this beach is a perfect location to spend your Sunday evening.



Australia is known for the outgoing nature of its people. Hence the traditions to party late on Sundays before you go back to work from Monday. And no one does it better than Perth! These are called “Sunday Sessions”. What you do, is catch up with a couple of your friends over beer in beer gardens overlooking the ocean or the Swan River and party till 10pm or beyond. For the party lovers, this is the tradition you want to catch up with!

For the solo travelers, some of the popular places to go for Sunday Sessions are OBH, Cottesloe Hotel, Leederville. It is a great way to meet new people as well!


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