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Are you an entrepreneur planning to migrate overseas? Then Quebec is the place for you. It is the largest province in Canada in the central location of the country. Quebec is also the province with the largest French speaking population and hence also has French as its official language.


Quebec is very popular among migrants and often recommend it to other aspiring migrants as well. Over the years, Quebec has come across as a province with a strong economy. This economy has been largely dependent on its natural resources that the land has to offer. In the last few decades, with the growth and development in various sectors like information technology, telecommunications, aerospace and pharmaceuticals, Quebec is perceived as a goldmine for investors and new businesses.


Now that Quebec has caught your interest for all the reasons mentioned above, let us introduce you to the Entrepreneur Immigration Programme for Quebec.




An entrepreneur in Quebec is defined an experienced business owner or manager in a legal, profitable enterprise from overseas. These entrepreneurs must have atleast two or more years of experience in commercial, industrial, agricultural or technology industry. It is also expected that as an entrepreneur, you are capable of employing atleast one Quebec resident along with other foreign residents and dependents.


There are a few requirements that are to be met while applying fot the Quebec Entrepreneur Immigration Programme.


  • Minimum requirements of assets worth Canadian Dollars 300,000
  • Minimum experience as an entrepreneur of two years (in the last five years) or have an overall control of atleast 25% of the total capital equity in the last five years


To explain the Quebec Entrepreneur Immigration Programme, here are two situations under which you are eligible for this visa programme.


As an applicant, you have to submit a business proposal and state your objective of either creating a business or acquiring one in the province. You must also state how you will be managing the business or whom will you be partnering with someone on a daily basis. Also, you must have a minimum authority of atleast 25% of the total equity share of atleast Canadian Dollars 100,000 with your accompanying partner or spouse.


In order to apply for this visa programme, you must acquire a business or a venture in Quebec with a minimum control of 25% of the equity capital of the net value of Canadian Dollars 100,000 alone or with your accompanying partner. You must also how you will be managing the business and if you will be doing it alone or employing Quebec residentials.


As an applicant, you will have to provide proof for to apply for this visa.


  • Age Proof
  • Language proficiency skills
  • Business Proposal
  • Nature of your business or business acquisition
  • Professional skills required to run and manage a business
  • Knowledge about Quebec both financially and socially


It is also notified that every year, Quebec will receive a total of 150 applications for Quebec Selection Certificate under this visa category. For this year, the application dates are from 1st April 2015 and valid upto 31st March 2016.


If you are entrepreneur aspiring to go to Quebec, fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and our team of visa officials will get in touch with you.





Apart from being called the maple leaf country, Canada can also be called the nation of migrants. And that is for all the right reasons. And with the economic boom, the CIC is looking for skilled professionals who would not contribute to the economy of the country but also create employment opportunities for Canadians.


For those who want to find a quciker way to Canada is through this programme. The Investors Programme to Canada has been in demnds since it was introduced by the CIC.

Canada has always been looking for professional who would contribute to the economy of the country. The Investors Programme was introduced with this intention to encourage entrepreneurs to come and invest in Canada. And by far, thos programme is th most appreciated and best option for entrepreneurs and investors who are aspiring to do business in the maple leaf country. Once you are qualified, you can do business in any part of Canada except Quebec for any period of time.

The Investors Programme to Canada is an easy route to Canada. If you are interested to go to Canada under this migration programme, there are a few criterias that you should meet. One of the most important criteria is that you make an investment of CAD $800,000 for a fixed period of five years. In provinces like Ottawa, you will be reimbursed this investment amount at the end of the five year tenure.


Every migration programme comes with its set of benefits. Here are the benefits of applying for a PR Visa under the Investors Programme to Canada.

  • This visa allows you to stay in Canada as a Permanent resident as soon as the investment is done
  • You are eligible to acquire Caandian Citiszenship
  • You can move, live and work anywhere in Canada (except Quebec)
  • You can start up your own business venture or acquire one in Canada (except Quebec)
  • You can avail financial help from the banks and financial institutions in Canada to expand your business
  • You can bring in your family members as dependents
  • You can avail the healthcare facilities that Canada has to offer to its people


To be eligible for the Investors Programme, you have to meet the following requirements.

  • A clear intention to live and work in Canada
  • Legal income of atleast CAD $ 1,600,000 alone or with accompanying partner
  • A minimum of two years of experience in a business as an ownder or manager
  • Intention to invest of CAD $800,000 for a fixed period of five years with no expectation of interest
  • Pass the medical examinations and requirements set by the authorities

In case there is difficulties with investing CAD $800,000, there is another way out. You can pay a one time fee to the financial institutions which is authorized by the government. This fee that is paid under such condition is not refundable.

Canada has been among one of the top few countries economically and is a perfect country to invest in. Any business done in Canada is bound to succeed and flourish within the first few years of its start.

If this is the visa programme for you, just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and let us assist you carve your path to Canada as an investor.




From among 158 countries across the globe, Canada stands fifth and holds the title of one of the happiest country in the world. Canada holds its place at fifth position only after Switzerland, Iceland, Denmark and Norway. On comparison to the previous comparisons of happy countries over the years, Canada’s position has always been rising up.

The World Happiness report carries a lot of significance due to its analysis carried out by well known specialists from various fields like economics, neuroscience, statistics, etc. This analysis also forms the base to determine how well a country is performing over the years.




And now for the most important question, what makes Canada a happy country. Is it just the economy or the healthy life style? Here are few reasons what makes Canada a happy place for its citizens.


The physical activities here play a major role in contributing to a happy and healthy lifestyle. It is noticed that Canadians lead a healthy life with low levels of obesity, heart ailments and stress. These make Canada a healthy place to be in.


Canadians are generally very happy and stress free. They have the tendency to see the positive in every situation which makes it a better place to be in. Having a positive attitude not only makes its people happy but also reduces the stress, which is usually the main reason for various ailments.


Canada is a country with most amazing scenaries. With over 3 million lakes, and most of them being fresh water bodies, it doesn’t come as a surprise that “heading up to the lakes” is a common phrase here. From snow clad mountains to greenaries, Canada is literally a land of all kinds of geaographical beauties packed in one!


As per the study of the WHO, Canada is said to be one such country with cleanest air on earth. This is one reason why Canada stands as a preferred destination for migrants from all over the globe.


With the recent advancements in technology and development, Canada has now become a modern nation with the best amenities it has to offer to its parents. From the best educational institutions to the boom in various sectors to a healthy population, Canada has been doing well from all perspectives. It is infact, these things which makes every Canadian self reliant and confident which also shows in their academics and professional lives.

And it has been for these very reasons why the rate of migration to Canada has risen over the past few decades. Canada is a beautiful country to work and live in and hence is one of the most sort after country in the world. If you are looking for an opportunity to experience a life in Canada, just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and our team at MIGRATE ME will assess your profile and assist you with the migration process immediately.


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2015 was a great beginning for those who wanted to move to Canada to work and stay. Since the CIC introduced the New Canada Express Entry System, the response from aspiring migrants has been huge. This system has been introduced to manage the permanent residency programmes more efficiently. The programmes introduced under the Express Entry System are

  • Federal Skilled Worker Programme
  • Federal Skilled Trades Programme
  • Canadian Experience Class




Aspiring migrants applying for a permanent residency visa will be ranked according to the Comprehensive Ranking System and will be invited for PR visa in Canada accordingly. These ranks are based on scores that the applicants will receive on various criterion mentioned in the Express ENtry System. The qualifying criterion include

  • Education qualification
  • Age
  • Professional Skills
  • Work experience
  • Language proficiency Skills
  • Work sponsorship from a Canadian employer, etc

To apply through this system, an applicant has to make a complete profile online and will be awarded points as per the details provided by them. Once this is done, they will be informed by the CIC which programme are they eligible under and how many points they have scored. This makes it convenient for the applicants to know where they stand and gives them a chance to improve their score by providing additional information and increasing their rankings in the CRS system.
Once these are done, they have to wait and hope to receive an invitation from the authorities. This is called the Invitation to Apply (ITA). On receiving the ITA, the applicants will be in the pool of applicants for 12 months and be open for employers to choose from. The applicant has 60 days after receiving the ITA to submit their applications and documents with the authorities.
Canada has been facing a shortage of skilled workers since the economic boom that the country has been going through for the past few years. This has led to Canadian employers going beyond the country’s borders in search of skilled professionals. With this new system in place, applicants have chance to get selected by a Canadian employer if they have an impressive profile and fulfill their requirements.


Among the many benefits of Express Entry, the one that attracts maximum applicants is that the permanent residency applications are processed within a period of six months. This is quicker than the previous system and saves a lot of time of the applicants. Those applicants who have received sponsorship from a Canadian employer or those who get nominated under the provincial programmes, will get their visas processed faster.


Hence, if you are such an applicant, it is always better to get a job sponsorship before or while applying for permanent residency in Canada. This not only assures you  of getting a visa but also speeds up the whole process.
Here at Migrate Me, we not only assist you with the migration process but also with related services like relocation and job search on your behalf. If you haven’t already applied for Canada Express Entry, just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and our visa experts will get in touch with you.




If there is any country which is most asked for among migrants, it has to be Canada. Canada has grown to a global level where it is viewed as financially and economically developed country.

With the growing economy, the country is expanding its search for skilled migrants to fulfill the requirements of various industries and management levels. To satisfy its labour requirement, Canada is welcoming skilled migrants from all over the globe to explore the career opportunities here.




Every year, Canada sees more than 19% immigration happeneing. But since the introduction of the Canada Express Entry System, this percentage has risen with more people migrating to Canada. This system was introduced to work along the lines of the immigration system in Australia and New Zealand. This system has enabled migrants to apply and migrate to Canada which will be totally based on their skills and employment details.

Before applying under the immigration schemes available in Canada Express Entry System, you must know and understand the various parameters that are to be considered. Here are the skilled immgration schemes available under Express Entry System.


The applicants applying under this visa scheme have to eligible under various parameters considered while selecting candidates for FSWP. If you are applying under this criteria, you will have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • 1560 hours of work experience in the past one year, or
  • 30 hours of work experience per week

The Express Entry is very particular when it comes to employment and the number of working hours. The information you provide about your work experience and the duration. Any forgery in such cases will lead to delay or no visa at all.


If you are applying under the FSTP criteria, you must make sure that you are through with your language skills for both, English and French. It is important to have your language skills assessed for all the criterion of writing, speaking and as well as reading. Being fuent in these languages will help ease your migration process and help you get your canadian visa.

Apart from your language skills, you must also have a work experience of in your preferred industry in which you make use of your professional skills. Canada has a separate section called the National Occupational Classification (NOC) which governs and evaluates your professional skills and provide certification on that.


If you are planning to go to Canada under the CEC category, then there is a lot of scope for you outside Quebec. For this, you will have to fill a petition to get into any province, except Quebec. Apart from your CEC experience, you must also meet the language skills requirements set by the Express Entry.


If you are unsure which category do you belong to, just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and our experts will help you through your migration to Canada.



Every individual planning to go abroad, has Canada on their top list. But among all these immigrants, French immigrants have always been in the forefront while immigrating to Canada.


While talking about Canada Immigration, a large number of immigration if from the French masses. This makes up to the maximum amount of skilled labour in Canada. Over the last few decades, immigration to Canada from France has increased by leaps and bounds. In 2008, Canada saw a rise in the number of French migrants taking up Permanent Residency in Canada. Between 2008 to 2012, the number rose from 25,026 to 34,619, i.e. a 38% increase in 4 years.


Apart from Permanent Residents, the number of temporary work as well as student permits given to the French is also rising. The number of workers has doubled between 2003 and 2007 and has been on an increase since then. And it comes as no surprise that the internationally recognized educational institutions lure students from all over the globe, specially France.



Now for the big question – Why do all these French migrate to Canada? We found out why Canada is on the top of every French Migrants list. And here is why.

Like all migrants, people from France too are aware of the benefits CIC provides to its immigrant population. Each year, the Canadian Embassy hosts fairs like the “Destination Canada” fairs where people are people are provided with all immigration related information. This is also one of those places where many Canadian employers come in to look for French candidates for employment. They come in with presentations about their company, the place they represent and what opportunities they have to offer for these candidates. In this way, they not only get opportunities to meet new people but also know more about Canadian Culture.

There are many factors that combined together have urged the French population to migrate to Canada. In the year 2008-09, while the whole world was facing financial crisis, Canada was still a favourable destination for immigrants. And at such times, the French migrants took advantage of this and migrated to Canada.


The economic prowess of Canada makes the French choose Canada as their dream destination for both studies as well as work. Compared to France, Canada has a low unemployment rate. That is another reason which has been driving the youth of France to move to Canada.


While deciding to move to Canada, French migrants also hold the upper hand with a relatively easy assessment process which facilitates their entry in Canada with their choice of profession. Migrants from all over the globe are subjected to assessments process which the job and qualification credentials of the home country of the applicants are assessed. These assessment are made to determine the eligibility of the candidates as per Canadian standards. While other migrants do not have any other way around this, while French citizens benefit from this.


Among other benefits that the French enjoy, here are a few listed below.

  • French Citizens in Quebec benefit from Quebec-France Agreement (Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications)
  • Fee concession in Quebec’s institution
  • French Significant Benefit Program for French Immigrants to help contribute to the culture and development of Canada


To know more about migrating to Canada, just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and our Canada Express Entry agents will get in touch with you.




Since many decades, Canada has been one of the top countries with the largest number of migrant coming to Canada. These include both, skilled as well as non-skilled migrants. Also known for its abundance in natural beauty, Canada is a rare combination of nature and technology.


In the past few decades, there has been many improvements done by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). These methods have not only made the immigration process easier for migrants from other countries, but has also amplified the migration rate. With the most recent introduction of Canada Express Entry, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Canada has become the top favorite for skilled workers from all over!



The Federal Skilled Worker Programme (FSWP) was the most favorable programme introduced by the CIC in 2014. In 2015, the Express Entry System was introduced and is now fully functional. So those who didn’t get a chance to migrate to the maple-leaf country in 2014, here is your chance. For those who haven’t applied yet, it’s not too late! To take extra precautions, it is always advisable to let consultants guide you through the process.


The Express Entry System is a electronic point based system which has gained popularity within a few months of its release. This system has improved your chances to migrate to Canada as a skilled professional.


Now to the big question. why do you need consultants? The Canada Express Entry Consultants usually consist of a team of experts who work towards the goal of tension-free immigration to Canada for their clients. This team specializes in finding which immigration programme suits your requirements while making your journey to your dream destination smooth and hassle-free.


It is the responsibility of the immigration consultants to brief you about the Express Entry System and guide you through out the steps. Specializing in Express Entry, they have a great extent of knowledge and can answer every doubt of yours. This way, you will not only be fully updated about the process but will also be able to focus on preparing your profile. These consultants help you get an ‘Invitation to Apply’. This invitation helps you gain sponsorship from a Canadian Employ along with the right to apply for Permanent Residency in Canada. As time passed, these consultants have now become experts in converting every client’s dream into reality.


These consultants help you get an ‘Invitation to Apply’. This invitation helps you gain sponsorship from a Canadian Employ along with the right to apply for Permanent Residency in Canada. As time passed, these consultants have now become experts in converting every client’s dream into reality.


The main motive is to reduce the stress of the applicants that one suffers from during application. By doing so, they are capable of proving moral as well as social support to the applicants who are waiting for their turn to go to Canada. This, added with the specialized Express Entry Consultancy makes them the best in their game.


If you are looking for a Canada Express Entry Consultants, you have come to the right place. Just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and one of our experts will get in touch with you.

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Like every other immigration programme, Canada Express Entry revolves around the draw system in a very efficient way. The drawing system is very similar to the previous system, but Express Entry has more to them. Under this newly introduced Express Entry System, there will be as many as 25 draws conducted every year. This not only improves your chances of moving to Canada but also has increased the flow of skilled migrants into Canada by a huge number.


The Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s introduction of the Express Entry has brought in an enthusiasm among those candidates who are without a job offer. By highlighting their skills and experience, a candidate now improves his chances of getting selected through the pool of candidates.


Having set a target of 1.8 lac immigrants making their way into the country through immigration, the Canadian government is now expecting the national economy to prosper like never before.  Having made this process online, the CIC has successfully made the immigration smooth and time efficient.




Now to answer the big question – what is this draw system? And how does it work?

On making your online profile in the Express Entry, your details get submitted and you are allowed to be part of the pool of candidates. Once you are in the pool, you will receive ranks on basis of your score compared to other candidates. Based on these scores, the top-most ranks will be picked by the companies and will get employment offers accordingly. This is how the draw system works.


Now, to have a leverage over others in this draw system, there are few ways of improving your profile.


  • Prepare yourself for your Language Proficiency tests (For instance, IELTS). You can improve your score by being fully prepared for these tests. For a country like Canada where French is equally important as English, being proficient in both will give you an edge over others.
  • Provide sufficient proof of your skills and work experience. If you have taken up additional courses, add those to your profiles as well.


This draw system gets you closer to your Canadian dream. After every draw, your chances of getting picked in the next draw increases as your competition is reducing. If you are among the top in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), you are very close to migrating to Canada. The CRS assesses candidates like you on basis of skills, education, language proficiency, etc. According to these, you will receive your ranking in the pool of candidates.


After you become part of the Express Entry Pool, you hold a better position and the probability of you getting a job in Canada increases. It is highly beneficial for those who don’t have a job in Canada.


Canada Express Entry is a boon in disguise for those who wish to migrate to Canada for employment. To know where you stand according to the CRS, just fill in the FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and our visa officials will get in touch with you.




If you think you got in you that will make you stand out among others, Canada is the right country for you. Often people wish to move to a country where they can realise their full potential and secure better options. Along with such careeristic goals, candidates also seek for a country with rich culture and good standard of living of living for their families to live and grow in.


From being advanced both economically and culturally, Canada ranks among the top few migration hubs in the country. And Canada too seems to be obsessed with skilled professionals from overseas migrating to Canada every year. With the abundance of job and other resources, Canada manages to attract skilled migrants from all over the world. To manage and fasten the process, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has introduced the Canada Express Entry System in January 2015.




Under the Express Entry System, the CIC has introduced various Migration programmes to suit the needs of migrants from all over the globe. One of these schemes is the Federal Skilled Worker Scheme. This scheme enables skilled migrants to move to Canada within a short period of 6 months!


This scheme provides many advantages like quick accessibility, fast processing and efficient working of the migration process. In this system, you have to provide an Expression of Interest with the CIC to show your interest to migrate to Canada under the FSW Scheme. Since the processing takes only about six months, the number of skilled workers moving in Canada has doubled than what it was before.


Once an applicant creates a profile, they will be given scores under various criterion. The final score will be calculated on a grand total of 1200 marks. Each candidate will be ranked as per their score compared to other candidates. Every month, candidates with be picked based on these rankings and will be offered employment sponsorship and an invitation to Permanent Visa in Canada.


So if you are among those applying for Canada Federal Skilled Worker Scheme through Express Entry, here are the steps.


  1. Create an Express Entry Profile. Make sure all the information you put in is accurate
  2. Submit your documentations online – IELTS Score, Education qualifications, work experience, language skills, etc that will prove your eligibility of this visa scheme
  3. After the profile and documentations have been submitted, your application will move to the Canada Job Bank where employers will shortlist their choice of candidates
  4. After assessing your profile, they will offer you an employment sponsorship if you fit their job description well
  5. Once you receive your sponsorship, you are now eligible to apply for Permanent Residency Visa in Canada


Now that you know have enough knowledge about the FSW Scheme, lets proceed with your visa processing. Just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and our visa officials will get in touch with you.




Migration is a tough choice and only the brave ones make such choices. It is a tedious process and in certain cases, can be time consuming as well. But once you have migrated, the next phase of migration begins. In such cases, it is important that you remain positive when things get a bit rough.


Moving to a new country can consist of many steps. Firstly, language can pose as a problem, especially when you move to country whose first language isn’t the same as yours,  Others could include the environment you are moving into. From a gloomy winter of the UK to the bright beaches in Australia can be a little difficult for you to adjust in the first few weeks. Lastly, moving away from your loved ones to settle in a new country can take a toll on you at times.


If you are one such person dealing with anxiety due to migration, hold on. Here are tips how you can stay positive and turn things better.



  • Try and meet people around your place. This will help you connect with people around and settle in better
  • Plan a weekly schedule for work and your chores. Make sure you leave sometime for yourself as well
  • Take up classes. Indulge into things you fancy. Music, art, literature, skateboarding, adventure sports, anything that gets your adrenaline pumping. This could be another way to meet people with whom you share similar interests.
  • Learn new languages. It will not only enhance your vocabulary but also widen your perspective towards other cultures. Plus, when you are in a country like Canada or Denmark, it is always handy to know other languages other than English.
  • If you are moving in with your kids, pay special attention to them and their needs. Children can be sensitive in such situations. Migration can be equally hectic for them as well. In case they are behaving in a weird manner, talk to their teachers if required.
  • If you are in countries like Australia and Canada, go on trips with your family and friends. Take up classes where you participate in events with your family. It will help with your bond with peers.
  • Remember to enrol yourself for tax number, bank accounts, driving license, medical and health services and things that will help you during your stay.
  • Live in the present moment and live to the fullest.


It’s completely fine to feel lost at such times. But it is important to know that this is temporary and that shouldn’t affect your decision of moving to another country.


To know more about migration and its related services, just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and our experts at Migrate Me will get in touch with you.