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Canada has now earned a status of being more than being just a maple leaf country. Over the past few decades, Canada has transformed from a land of vastness to a land of varied migrants and ethnicity. It was reported by the Canadian Immigration that one of the main contributors to Canada’s success are migrants who live and work in Canada.




In the last few decades, it has been recorded that millions of foreigners migrate to Canada in search of better career and higher standard of living. And with the introduction of Canada Express Entry, the process has reduced the process time while increasing the stress on the applicants. It is here where immigration consultants help you through out the migration process.


It does not come as a surprise that the UN has ranked Canada as one of the best places in the world to live. And this reason is enough to highlight why migrating to Canada is tops the list of those looking for better opportunities abroad.


Every year, Canada approves over 320,000 migration visas under the Skilled Migrants Program. With the pass mark lowered, it improves your chances of being one of the many applicants who migrate to Canada. While this is only about the skilled migration to Canada, the Permanent Residency visa comes with higher benefits. The PR visa gives you the right to live and work in Canada till the time period mentioned on your visa. Once you have met all the requirements, you are also eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship.


Canada is a country that is known for it’s diversified background and its varied culture. And with the rising number of migrants moving to Canada, it has also emerged as one of the best places in the world for migrants and new arrivals. This is why migration experts are approached with maximum enquiries about migration options to the land of maple leaves.


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There are various schemes through which candidates can migrate to Canada. If you are one of those who wish to migrate to the one of the various provinces and territories in Canada, you can be nominated under Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).




To be eligible for any of the visa types under the PNP program, you must qualify and pass the tests set by the CIC. These tests are based on:

  • Education and Academics
  • Professional Skills
  • Previous work experiences


It is all these factors that will contribute to the ever-growing economy of the territory or province you migrate to.


To begin with, the CIC introduced the Canada Express Entry in January 2015 and has been a hit ever since. Along with the already existing system, many provinces and territories have introduced streams for the newly introduced Express Entry.


Under these streams, each province or territory has it’s own set of criteria which will define the eligibility of the applicants who wish to migrate to these places.



The eligibility criteria set for the Provincial Nominee Program is based on two factors:

  • If you apply through paper based system
  • If you apply through the Express Entry Process



Every individual who applies through the Non Express Entry Process should do the following:

  • You should apply through paper based process
  • Once the province/territory nominates you, an application will be sent to the CIC


For those who choose the Canada Express Entry System,

  • Every individual who applies should have made an electronic profile through Express Entry and show their eligibility by fulfilling the minimum requirements of the process
  • Every individual who applies for PNP should meet the minimum requirements set by the provinces/territories
  • The individual should be nominated by the province/territory



While applying for a PNP visa, you must remember the following:

  • You must apply to at least one province or territory to be eligible under this visa program
  • You must be nominated by that province or territory
  • You must apply to CIC to become a Permanent Resident in Canada



  • Once you receive an approval for permanent residency in Canada, you shall be contacted and explained the complete procedure in detail
  • After receiving a confirmation for PR visa of Canada, you must make an appointment for the CIC office nearest to you
  • Get in touch with a Visa professional who can help and guide you though the process


Visa procedures are long and hence can be tedious at times. It is here where our team of professional visa advisors comes in scene and takes up the visa process on your behalf. We at Migrate Me thrive to give our clients a hassle free visa experience while they plan for their future in Canada.


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From among 60 migration programs for Canada, Quebec Experienced Class is one of them. Applicants who have studied or worked in Quebec are eligible to migrate to Canada through a fast track program, Quebec Experienced Class.


Applicants who have pursued their education or worked in Quebec for a brief period, can migrate to Canada through the Quebec Experienced Class. This program has two categories:

  • International Students
  • Temporary Foreign Workers


To be eligible to apply under the Quebec Experienced Class, you must have:

  • Obtained a degree/diploma from an esteemed educational institution recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Education
  • The degree/ diploma obtained should be within the past 36 months
  • Should have studied in the Quebec province for a minimum period of 1800 hours, which equals to 2 years
  • Should be able to present their completion of French course (intermediate level – advance) at the educational institution recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Education



Temporary skilled workers who have already worked in Quebec can apply for Quebec Experienced Class under the following conditions:

  • A minimum experience of 12 months (prior to application) in Quebec in Skilled, Managerial or professional occupation
  • Their employment in Quebec must be legal while applying for the visa program
  • It is mandatory that the applicants submit the complete advance-intermediate level of French course taken at the Quebec educational institutions.
  • In case the applicant is incapable of providing proof of the above, they can prove their French competence by way of Standardised language tests. These tests are recognised by the Government of Quebec and are to be used only as a last option


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The Canada Express Entry was introduced in the beginning of 2015 and has been in rage ever since. The Canada Express Entry is a new visa application & management system introduced by the CIC to fasten the skilled immigration process.



The three programs existing under the Canada Express Entry system are:

  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • And a portion of Provincial nominee Program (PNP)


On the whole, Cana Express Entry has helped increase the responsiveness of the labour requirement in Canada through the immigration system. This system has increased the scope for employers as well as they get a wider scope of skilled work force to choose from.


When the employer in Canada finds it difficult to find a skilled worker among the already existing permanent residents in Canada, they are eligible to look out for prospective employees from the pool of candidates that the Express Entry system provides. Once the employer gets their match for the job profile in their organization, the candidate is offered a job sponsorship, supported by LMIA.



The whole process begins with small and simple rounds planned by the CIC for the first few months. This permits adjustment to the existing system and ensures that the system is based on integrity and can be trusted by one and all.


The second phase of rounds include the Express Entry Pool, which forms the main source for application for meeting the levels set by the Canada Immigration.



Right now, the Express Entry Pool is growing with an incoming of around 1500 candidates every week. It is predicted that in the coming months, the pool size id expected to grow with higher number of candidates from various parts of the world. And it will be these candidates who will contribute to the growing economy of Canada.



Since January 2015 till the beginning of July 2015, approximately 113,000 migrants from various lands have submitted their application for the Canada Express Entry Pool. Among these, an approximate of 41,000 was eligible and a rough 12,000 were invited to apply for permanent residency in Canada. With these huge numbers coming by, Canada has shown tremendous potential as a country as well as an economy. If you are looking for a country with a bright future, you should apply for Canada Express Entry right away!


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Canada is more than just the maple leaf country with scenic beauties. Canada is known to have attractive even with respect with career. Let’s take a deeper look into what makes Canada the land of opportunities.




Canada is a country with an ever-rising economy and high standard of living. This land provides ample of opportunities for job seekers from all over the world who are looking for career growth. In fact, as per the OECD, the recent growth and development has led to a huge increase in Canada’s annual immigration flow.


In just a short phase of a year, the number of newly settled permanent residents in 2010-2011 rose up from 281,000 to 249,000. And before you jump to conclusions, this is exclusive of the temporary foreign workers settled in Canada. On an average, there are 190,800 temporary foreign workers in Canada of which about 98,400 are foreign students enrolled in colleges & universities in Canada.



One of the main reasons why migrants from all over the globe choose Canada is because of the labour mobility Canada has to offer. As per the latest reports of the World Economic Forum, Canada stands as the 7th most labour efficient market.


Since the beginning of 2008, Canada has been showing massive growth and development in various sectors including Infrastructure, public sectors, financial sectors etc. These are also pushing the number of migrations in Canada every passing year.



Canada is looking for migrants as much as the migrants are looking for the perfect destination to migrate to. It is the abundance of immigration that has taken place over the years, it has formed the base on which Canada has been prospering.



It is observed that a large chunk of migration belongs to the age group of 20 to 45 years of age. This being said, it means it leads to household formation throughout the nation. This also explains why the housing market in Canada has been so attractive among investors.


Of all that can be said about Canada, it is one of the top choices among migrants. And as mentioned earlier, Canada is a perfect package of high standards of living, growth and prosperity for you and your family.


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Many individuals (and families) choose moving to Canada for its natural surroundings, welcoming population, and excellent work environment. However, Canada is still acing a lack of skilled individuals for man job profiles, thus creating additional opportunities for skilled immigrants.




Migrating to Canada relates to systematic and hassle-free procedures as compared to most other countries, whether you are a young individual looking to explore, or a retired couple willing to settle down.


Canada has been facing a shortage of skilled workers and hence has developed a system to suit the needs. The Canadian government, keeping in mind the growing pace of the employment industry as well as the needs of the applicants and potential employers, introduces the Express Entry System. It is a welcoming step taken towards encouraging migration of skilled workers, creating opportunities for them. This helps the applicants to select from a variety of potential employers and equips the employers with a vast pool of applicants to hire.


To describe briefly, the Express Entry System is an electronic system requiring the applicants to undergo two primary steps. The first one being completing the online Express Entry profile and getting ranked as per the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The second step includes receiving the Invitation to Apply (ITA), which enables the potential employers to select applicants from a pool.


Further information such as schedules, rounds, and other generic details can be obtained from the official website of CIC:


The system is introduced by the Canadian government to ensure ease of migration procedure for skilled immigrants as well as to save their valuable time. As such, care has been to keep this system updated and equipped to the latest needs of the population in general.


Let us have a look at the latest developments in this system.


The Seventeenth Draw

An interesting decrease was noted with the seventeenth draw of the Immigration Selection System that issues the Invitations to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency. The draw took place from the express entry pool on 18th September with 1,545 applicants receiving the ITAs. This also becomes the eighth draw in a line to select more than 1,400 applicants. A new low record of 450 (out of 1200) points was observed in the Comprehensive Ranking Systems’ Points. This means more opportunities for potential immigrants


Nova Scotia Allocation

The Canadian government allocated additional space to applicants from the Nova Scotia province. This move will allow Nova Scotia to nominate 1,350 applicants for the Express Entry Immigration Selection System under the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP), thus increasing opportunities.


The Francophone Experience

As you must be aware, Canadian government welcomes residents from Quebec too under the Express Entry System. This time the Canadian government took a step further in welcoming the people of the Francophone community who are residing outside Quebec. In march, CIC launched a video featuring stories of Francophone families who share their experiences of the Canadian immigration and their ability to maintain their cultural diversity, thus increasing Canada’s linguistic versatility.


Welcoming Iraqi and Syrian Refugees

In January 2015, Canada announced its commitment to welcome 10,000 Syrian and 3,000 additional refugees. This commitment will include refugees via government assistance and private sponsors. The Canadian government works with the United Nations Refugee Agency to resettle the refugees and provide humanitarian aid.


News for Spouses Awaiting Confirmation

A pilot program is launched for the benefit of the spouses of permanent residents Canadian citizens who are awaiting awaiting permanent residence status. These spouses can obtain work permit while their applications are under process, allowing them to reside with their partners until then. This ensures that the applicants do not have to choose between work and families, allowing better work-life balance.


With so many developments undertaken for meeting the needs of potential immigrants, the Canadian Express Entry System is fast gaining popularity amongst immigrants. This makes the land of maple leaves an ideal place to migrate and settle.


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There are certain common points we all search as humans while enriching our lives. Considering today’s lifestyle, those points can be a good environment, better working conditions, a healthy lifestyle, and serene living.



We all seek growth and progress in different aspects of our personal lives (finances, health, relationships and development). Sometimes as we check these and other points on our checklist, we realise the need to migrate or move to a different location, ultimately to enrich our lifestyles.


When it comes to migration, few countries of the world gain more popularity than other countries. This happens as those countries fulfil the necessary criteria the immigrants look for. A country needs not only to have good welfare intentions in place; it also needs to have welcoming policies for the welfare of outsiders. This is what makes a particular country a popular choice for migrating.


Canada is one such country that tops the list of countries ideal for migration. Let us have a look at the factors that make Canada an ideal country to immigrate.



Canada is known as a country encouraging immigration for a number of reasons. Following are some of the ways that show the welcoming attitude of Canada as a country.


Rules and Regulations

Canada being renowned as a country of immigrants, it is easy to guess the nature of its policies and rules. Especially the rules and regulations regarding immigration in Canada are applicant-friendly and encourage immigration.


Opportunities for Skilled Workers

Canada has also been facing a shortage of skilled workers lately. This implies that the immigration policies and regulations are positive towards skilled immigrants, and this has seen a positive response from the world.


Choice of Policies

Being an immigration-friendly country, Canada offers a choice of immigration programs depending on an individual’s status. Whether you are a skilled worker, self-employed, business person, student or a spouse/family of an immigrating individual, there are various options to select from.



This happy country is one of the few countries maintaining a positive working environment.


Positive Environment

Canadians believe in maintaining a healthy work attitude. There is an attitude of respect and love from the workers towards their employers/organisation. This same attitude is reciprocated by the employers/organisations towards the workers, creating a positive environment to work.


Work-Life Balance

As the world is talking about ‘work-life balance’, the environment in Canada can be associated to the phenomenon of ‘life-work balance’, where life is considered to be a greater factor and work being a part of it.


Job Opportunities and Security

With Canada facing a shortage of skilled workers, there are and will continue to be excellent job opportunities, especially for skilled workers. The government rules and regulations too favour immigrants equally be it looking for employment or setting up a business. And once settled, the long-term security policies are such as will favour the immigration and stay.



Not much needs to be proven to promote the Canadian Lifestyle.


Healthy Living

Canadians strongly believe in a healthy lifestyle. They not only focus on merely maintaining a work-life balance, but also strive to maintain a healthy standard of living. Equal importance is given to recreational activities, fitness routines, chilling by the lake, and socialising.


Encouraging Environment

The people of Canada are known for their style of maintaining relations and encouraging others to grow and prosper. As an immigrant, one is guaranteed to not find any differential treatment when it comes socialising or personal growth.


Picturesque Beauty

The maple-leaf county is blessed with a wide range of natural habitats ranging from clean beaches to snow clad mountains to a number of beautiful lakes. The peaceful environment and natural beauty lets the residents enjoy many small vacations nearby their residence.


Thus, when it comes to checking the basic criteria or immigration, Canada not only fulfils but also exceeds one’s expectations as an ideal country to migrate! Go ahead to the Canadian official websites to find out detailed information with respect to procedures and policies!


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Canada or the maple-leaf country is well known as on of the ideal countries for immigration. This is possible because of the welcoming policies and the regulations that encourage immigrants to move to Canada.




Canadian immigration policies are convenient as per the need of the immigrants, and this includes the policies governing residency status. Canada offers work permit, student residency, business visas and permanent residency. Let us get to know about the Canadian Permanent Residency.


Canadian permanent residents are individuals who enjoy permission to work and live in Canada, but not citizens of Canada. They enjoy most of the rights of permanent citizens, and shoulder almost equal duties as citizens. Individuals with Canadian permanent residency are citizens of another country.


The Government-Assisted Refugee Program and the Private Sponsorship of the Refugees Program enable the refugees settled overseas to become permanent residents.


In order to become a permanent resident, an individual must reside in Canada for at least two out of five years. Other regulations regarding permanent residency application can be learnt from the official Canadian government websites: and


A Canadian citizen and a permanent resident differ with regards to certain rights and responsibilities. Let us have a look at the benefits of Canadian Permanent Residency:


Applying for Canadian Citizenship:

As a permanent resident, the first privilege an individual gets is the eligibility to apply for the Canadian citizenship. The resident will be granted the citizenship upon successful fulfilment of the required criteria.


Health Benefits:

Permanent residents enjoy healthcare benefits as covered under the Canadian Universal Healthcare Program. The medical cover expenses include annual check ups, immunisation, emergency room visits, et cetera.


Education and Work Benefits:

As a student holding permanent residency, an individual is eligible to study anywhere in Canada and attend any high school, college or university. As an permanent residency adult, a person is eligible to reside and work in any province in Canada.


Rights and Duties:

An individual enjoys most of the rights of Canadian citizen including the right to equal treatment; legal rights such as presuming innocence until proven guilty, and the right to a lawyer and an interpreter; the right to protection under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


Duties of permanent residents include payment of taxes, respect of Canadian laws at each level of federation, province and municipality, and other general duties followed by other citizens.


Security Benefits:

Permanent residents enjoy security benefits such as the Canada Pension Plan, the Guaranteed Income Supplement, the Canada Child Tax Benefit and are also entitled to the Old Age Security Program. Working parents are also entitled to maternity and paternity leaves as applicable to Canadian citizen.


The Permanent Residency (PR) Card:

A permanent residency or a PR card is issued to individuals who hold the permanent residency status and are planning to leave the country for a certain amount of time. This card is the official proof of an individual’s permanent residency. This card is necessary when re-entering Canada. In the absence of the PR card, a resident will have to apply for a Travel Document to enter back in the country. This wallet sized plastic card is also known as the maple leaf card.


However, there are certain elements that a permanent resident does not enjoy. As a holder of the Canadian permanent residency, an individual cannot:

  • Vote in Canadian elections;
  • Run for political office in Canada;
  • Join the armed forces like an ordinary citizen.


In conclusion, the Permanent Residency feature of the Canadian immigration is ultimately very beneficial to immigrants and thus to the country too.


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Canada has always topped the list of countries ideal for migration. Certain factors are considered more important when it comes to selecting a location to move to. Canada’s immigrant-friendly approach, beautiful nature, healthy lifestyle, positive environment and accepting communities have made it a top choice amongst immigrants.



The immigration procedure, however, reminds one of the long waits and lengthy administrative procedures. None of us has all the time in the world, and most of us are in genuine need of speedy processes.


The Canadian government has been careful towards this and has introduced the Express Entry system. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) uses the Express entry system to select candidates for immigration. It uses the following economic immigration programs:


  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Traders Program
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • (A portion of ) The Provincial Nominee Program


The Express Entry is completely an electronic process, and is used by the federal government, provincial governments and Canadian employers for hiring skilled professionals as employees.


An applicant has to undergo two primary steps as a part of this system.

  1. Complete the online Express Entry profile.
  2. Candidates get ranked under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS):
  • Educational Qualification
  • Language Proficiency Skills (English and/or French) like IELTS, TEF, etc
  • Work Experience
  • Professional Skills
  • Age, etc

The highest scoring applicants receive Invitation to Apply (ITA) which is the next step of the process.


On receiving an ITA, the applicants will be in the pool for employers to choose from. An applicant has time of 60 days from the date of receiving the ITA to submit their application along with their documents.


Ministerial Information can be obtained from the government website ( where the schedule of rounds, specific programs and other relevant details are available.


Benefits of the Express Entry system include the provision for applicants to enhance their profile with additional certifications if their scores are low. An applicant stays in the pool for a period of 12 months for potential employees to choose from. Also, the permanent residence visas are now processed within a period of six months, faster than the previous systems.


If a candidate does not get an ITA within 12 months of submitting the profile, a new profile can be submitted. If the criteria are met, candidates can re-enter the pool to get selected. This feature of the Express Entry System prevents backlogs and ensures quick processing.


Applicants need to ensure their foreign credentials are assessed according to the Canadian Standards and that they have no medical or criminal issues which may cause inadmissibility.


The CRS is a transparent and methodological system to rank candidates. There are a total of 1,200 points available and candidates are ranked under the following components:


  • Core human capital factors;
  • Accompanying Spouse or Common-Law Partner Factors, if applicable;
  • Skill Transferability Factors; and
  • Factors relating to a provincial nomination or a qualifying offer of arranged employment.


Canada is facing a shortage of skilled professionals, and the Express Entry system is a positive step taken towards encouraging skilled immigrants. With this system, applicants have a greater change to get selected by potential employees, and potential employees have a better pool of applicants to choose. Now that is a win-win!


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Humans migrate for a number of reasons—enhanced lifestyle, better prospects; change of environment, or to live with our loved ones. Usually migrations imply instances where people move to a new country. And if there is one name that crops up when thinking of migration, it is Canada!



The Maple Leaf country has become famous as one of the ideal migration countries in the past decade with the UN declaring it as one of the best countries to live.


Amongst the factors that have won Canada this title, one interesting fact is that Canada is the fifth happiest country in the world, according to the World Happiness Report. We need not say more! Let us have a look at the other factors that become important reasons for migration.



Be it the economy, technology, science or education, Canada is reaching new heights in development in each sector.


The educational sector is booming with best institutes and courses, leading to development in science and technology. This positively affects the country’s economic development. These aspects are what makes Canadians self-reliant and lead a healthy lifestyle.



Canadians pride themselves about their healthy lifestyle. A healthy work-life balance results in a positive outlook towards life, and this in turn ensures good quality in work. Individual health is reflected with low levels of obesity, diabetes or other types of lifestyle diseases at a very low in this country.



Not only are the immigration formalities less stressful, Canadians basically are welcoming and they support immigration. They believe in ideals of togetherness. They are thus very tolerant and accepting towards immigrants. High levels of commitments are seen amongst communities and second generations of immigrants.



With newer job opportunities being created rapidly, Canada’s unemployment has been the lowest at 6.8%. Not only are the opportunities just good, the work culture is something worth working for.


Canadians love working in stress-free environments and take efforts towards keeping the work environment clean and healthy.



Not just the work environment, Canada is blessed with beautiful natural assets. With lakhs of lakes, ‘chilling by the lakes‘ totally makes sense. From snow-clad mountains, waterfalls, rainforests and almost untouched nature, this is a total package! Vacations become more pleasurable when they are close to your residence, do they not?



Coming to practical living concerns, the Canadian government takes care of its citizens and immigrants with a number of good policies. This is how the long list begins:


  • Healthcare Programs
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Social Welfare Allowance
  • Childcare Benefit
  • Education System Benefits
  • Pension Plans
  • Positive Immigration Policies


No matter how interesting the opportunities seem, one always has worries when it actually comes to immigration. Therefore, one needs to consider many aspects while taking the decision of immigration.


Being supportive to immigration, Canada becomes one of the ideal places to migrate to. The Canadian government maintains a positive and welcoming attitude towards immigrants. Government support is one of the important factors when it comes to moving to a new country.


When UNO declares it as one of the best places to live, and keeps confirming it, need we say more? Moving to Canada—Lets Go!


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