Canada Work Visas

Canada Work Visas

A work permit/visa allows foreign workers to work in Canada temporarily. Most migrants looking to work (whether at a temporary job or their own business) in the country are required to obtain a work permit before leaving for Canada. In some cases, however, foreign nationals can apply for a work permit at the border.

Types of work permits

Canada offers five kinds of work permits specifically designed for:

  • Students: If you are a full-time student in Canada and have a valid study permit, you do not need a work permit to work on campus. If however, you are in the country as a student and wish to…
    • work off campus;
    • work as a co-op student or intern as part of your course curriculum;
    • stay in Canada after graduation;
    • help your spouse or partner get work

…you will need to apply for a work permit.

  • Temporary workers: Most temporary work permits allow foreign workers to work in Canada for four years. Also, there are several worker categories that might not require work permits (see if you qualify here). Additionally, if you do require a work permit, you might also require a Labour Market Opinion to support your application.
  • Permanent workers: Workers looking for a permanent job need to qualify for the Federal Skilled Workers Program. To qualify, applicants need to be able to be able to show their ability to prosper in the country based on work experience, language ability, education, proof of funds, etc.
  • Business people: Business visitors do not need a work permit. If a visa is needed to visit, a temporary resident visa will be required. Business people (a different category) need to qualify under one of in order to visit and work in Canada.
    three free trade agreements
  • Live-in caregivers: Caregivers qualified to provide care for children, the elderly or persons with disabilities must meet the requirements of the Live-in Caregiver Program to obtain a work permit. They also need to live in the same home in which they will work in Canada.

Do bear in mind that whichever type of work permit you apply for, you will need to provide additional documentation to substantiate your education, experience, skills and other circumstances. Experts at Migrate Me can help you identify exactly which kind of work permit you qualify for based on your education and experience. We can also help you find suitable job opportunities in the country.


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