Canada is one of the top favourites among travellers as well as skilled professionals. Huge amount of individuals migrate to Canada every year to be part of this maple-leaf country.

Canada is known for its top class educational facilities and best employment prospects for those who are looking to be a part of Canada. The main feaures that attract people from all walks of life to migrate to Canada are safe ambience, clean atmosphere, ever rising economy and diverse culture. Canada has always been supportive of migrants from overseas coming and settling in Canada and continues to do so.

Canada has also introduced various visa options to encourage migration from overseas. If you are one such migrant looking for an opportunity to establish your start-up in Canada, you can do so by applying for a start-up visa in Canada.



As per the Canada Start-up Visa, any individual who is interested in entrepreneurship can start up his own business unit in Canada. Canadian government takes keen interest in business units who have potential and supports them in every way possible.

Startting up your own business in Canada will not only contribute to the country’s economy but will also create job opportunities for those in Canada. This program also brings together people from both sectors – private and migrating entrepreneurs in Canada.


Any individual who is looking forward to move to Canada has to be eligible for a visa program introduced by CIC (Canada Immigration and Citizenship). The eligibo;oty of the programmes are based on certain criteria that applicants have to fulfill.

Some of these criteria include:

  • Age
  • Language Proficiency Skills
  • Financial Stability and Funds to support themselves in Canada
  • Qualifications and Business Skills
  • Business plans and strategies to support their wish to start a business in Canada


For an entrepreneur, it is not always necessary to finance your own business venture in Canada. Canadian Government understands such needs and has designated Canadian Venture Capital Fund and Designated Angel Investors to support and help such new establishments grow and flourish in Canada.

The maximum amount an entrepreneur can get from these sources are as follows:

  • Canadian Venture Capital Fund – $200,000
  • Designated Angel Investor – $75,000


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