Canada Express Entry Program 2015

Canada Express Entry Program 2015


A new application management is being implemented by Canada. This is for economic immigration programs to meet current needs of manpower, cash-flow and workforce.


The new changes will allow the employers to explore new recruitment possibilities and also provide extensive opportunities for skilled immigrants.


This new system is known as the Canada Express Entry Program (2015).


Steps involved


The first step is to fill in your Express Entry and register on the official website. In here you need to provide genuine and original data and supporting documents about your existence in the current country.


From there, your profile enters what is called an Express Entry Pool. In this step your profile is added to a set of data acquired form other sources. Sorting of this data is subject to internal processing with the authorities. This leads your profile to step two, where profiles are selected on basis of their application strength and the contribution that person can make to the economic pool of the country.


The profiles that are selected will be sent an Invitation to Apply. The applicants then respond to this invitation.


Why the New Application System?


The old system had some loopholes that led to less productive overseas recruitments. Some of these being:


  • Employer time and money expense for global talent recruitment
  • Navigation through immigration system was pretty difficulty
  • The delay of an average 12-14 months to process a simple visa
  • Applicants were processed more on first come first serve basis


The new system that is being implemented will counter the above points to provide:


  • Low cost, high quality employee recruitment for recruiters
  • Navigation made easy by a central application pool – Job Bank
  • The delay in application process will be six months or less
  • Applicants will be processed on a merit basis


The new system will connect connect Canadian employers directly with the candidates. For the first time employers and Government will have a direct role in the economic immigration.


How do i increase my chances of getting selected?


The new system will make sure that only credible and helpful candidates are picked and hence, the selection will be more strict and competitive.


Now to increase your chances of getting a Canadian Express Visa that leads to a permanent residency status, you must provide your documents and work experience in the best possible condition and ways to come out as credible in the Express Entry structure.


Some of the points are:

1. Your Express Entry Profile


This will be assessed according to a skills based ranking system that looks at:


  • Language proficiency
  • Education
  • Canadian work experience
  • Other factors that lead to success in Canada


2.Promote yourself to increase chances


  • Registration with Job Bank will be required
  • They will be encouraged to signal their presence in the Express Entry pool to recruiters, on private sector job boards  etc.


 3. You will have have 60 days to apply for permanent residence through one of four existing economic immigration programs


  • Federal Skilled Worker Program(FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)


This process involves employers taking part in the selection process. The employees will be prompted to promote themselves to employers while they are in the Express Entry Pool.


The promotion will be done to Job Bank as well as other Private Sector Job Boards. Although, employers will have to access the candidates  Bank only.


Will I Need Assistance?


Although the process seems simple, in reality it is much more harder to apply successfully without the right documentation. And after getting help with the documentation and submitting everything to the last bit, you again need assistance finding jobs on Private Boards separately.


We at Migrate Me have helped over several hundred people obtain Canadian Visas successfully and helped them get Permanent Residence status in Canada via several different routes.


To know about your eligibility, please fill in this Free Visa Assessment and one of our representatives will contact you shortly for a free consultation via Email or Telephone.


5 Responses to Canada Express Entry Program 2015

  1. Amit

    Wish to immigrate under express entry. I am from India. Will there be any occupation list under express entry ? How can you assist in ranking me higher or arranging a job offer ?


    • sal

      Hi Amit

      Thanks for reaching out. Yes there will certainly an occupation list similar to FSW list. CIC is yet to provide more details on this program which we are expecting in December. I strongly suggest you email us copy of your Cv at this stage.

  2. nipneet kaur

    wish to immigrate under canada express entry .have occupation list come oit. i m from india. how can u assist me in raki g & job.

  3. laljj

    Can u give the occupation list for express entry visa for Canada as well as the details step procedure for same

  4. Eric Haubert

    I have been planning to immigrate to Canada for many months now. I was a little discouraged by the difficulty and time delay to get a job in Canada. A few months back only I came to know about express entry from this immigration lawyer named Green and Spiegel, LLP from Toronto, whom I contacted to know about my chances to immigrate there. I really hope that I have a good chance for getting a good job in Canada now.

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