If you think you got in you that will make you stand out among others, Canada is the right country for you. Often people wish to move to a country where they can realise their full potential and secure better options. Along with such careeristic goals, candidates also seek for a country with rich culture and good standard of living of living for their families to live and grow in.


From being advanced both economically and culturally, Canada ranks among the top few migration hubs in the country. And Canada too seems to be obsessed with skilled professionals from overseas migrating to Canada every year. With the abundance of job and other resources, Canada manages to attract skilled migrants from all over the world. To manage and fasten the process, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has introduced the Canada Express Entry System in January 2015.




Under the Express Entry System, the CIC has introduced various Migration programmes to suit the needs of migrants from all over the globe. One of these schemes is the Federal Skilled Worker Scheme. This scheme enables skilled migrants to move to Canada within a short period of 6 months!


This scheme provides many advantages like quick accessibility, fast processing and efficient working of the migration process. In this system, you have to provide an Expression of Interest with the CIC to show your interest to migrate to Canada under the FSW Scheme. Since the processing takes only about six months, the number of skilled workers moving in Canada has doubled than what it was before.


Once an applicant creates a profile, they will be given scores under various criterion. The final score will be calculated on a grand total of 1200 marks. Each candidate will be ranked as per their score compared to other candidates. Every month, candidates with be picked based on these rankings and will be offered employment sponsorship and an invitation to Permanent Visa in Canada.


So if you are among those applying for Canada Federal Skilled Worker Scheme through Express Entry, here are the steps.


  1. Create an Express Entry Profile. Make sure all the information you put in is accurate
  2. Submit your documentations online – IELTS Score, Education qualifications, work experience, language skills, etc that will prove your eligibility of this visa scheme
  3. After the profile and documentations have been submitted, your application will move to the Canada Job Bank where employers will shortlist their choice of candidates
  4. After assessing your profile, they will offer you an employment sponsorship if you fit their job description well
  5. Once you receive your sponsorship, you are now eligible to apply for Permanent Residency Visa in Canada


Now that you know have enough knowledge about the FSW Scheme, lets proceed with your visa processing. Just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and our visa officials will get in touch with you.

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