If there is any country which is most asked for among migrants, it has to be Canada. Canada has grown to a global level where it is viewed as financially and economically developed country.

With the growing economy, the country is expanding its search for skilled migrants to fulfill the requirements of various industries and management levels. To satisfy its labour requirement, Canada is welcoming skilled migrants from all over the globe to explore the career opportunities here.




Every year, Canada sees more than 19% immigration happeneing. But since the introduction of the Canada Express Entry System, this percentage has risen with more people migrating to Canada. This system was introduced to work along the lines of the immigration system in Australia and New Zealand. This system has enabled migrants to apply and migrate to Canada which will be totally based on their skills and employment details.

Before applying under the immigration schemes available in Canada Express Entry System, you must know and understand the various parameters that are to be considered. Here are the skilled immgration schemes available under Express Entry System.


The applicants applying under this visa scheme have to eligible under various parameters considered while selecting candidates for FSWP. If you are applying under this criteria, you will have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • 1560 hours of work experience in the past one year, or
  • 30 hours of work experience per week

The Express Entry is very particular when it comes to employment and the number of working hours. The information you provide about your work experience and the duration. Any forgery in such cases will lead to delay or no visa at all.


If you are applying under the FSTP criteria, you must make sure that you are through with your language skills for both, English and French. It is important to have your language skills assessed for all the criterion of writing, speaking and as well as reading. Being fuent in these languages will help ease your migration process and help you get your canadian visa.

Apart from your language skills, you must also have a work experience of in your preferred industry in which you make use of your professional skills. Canada has a separate section called the National Occupational Classification (NOC) which governs and evaluates your professional skills and provide certification on that.


If you are planning to go to Canada under the CEC category, then there is a lot of scope for you outside Quebec. For this, you will have to fill a petition to get into any province, except Quebec. Apart from your CEC experience, you must also meet the language skills requirements set by the Express Entry.


If you are unsure which category do you belong to, just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and our experts will help you through your migration to Canada.

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