Canada has always topped the list of countries ideal for migration. Certain factors are considered more important when it comes to selecting a location to move to. Canada’s immigrant-friendly approach, beautiful nature, healthy lifestyle, positive environment and accepting communities have made it a top choice amongst immigrants.



The immigration procedure, however, reminds one of the long waits and lengthy administrative procedures. None of us has all the time in the world, and most of us are in genuine need of speedy processes.


The Canadian government has been careful towards this and has introduced the Express Entry system. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) uses the Express entry system to select candidates for immigration. It uses the following economic immigration programs:


  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Traders Program
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • (A portion of ) The Provincial Nominee Program


The Express Entry is completely an electronic process, and is used by the federal government, provincial governments and Canadian employers for hiring skilled professionals as employees.


An applicant has to undergo two primary steps as a part of this system.

  1. Complete the online Express Entry profile.
  2. Candidates get ranked under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS):
  • Educational Qualification
  • Language Proficiency Skills (English and/or French) like IELTS, TEF, etc
  • Work Experience
  • Professional Skills
  • Age, etc

The highest scoring applicants receive Invitation to Apply (ITA) which is the next step of the process.


On receiving an ITA, the applicants will be in the pool for employers to choose from. An applicant has time of 60 days from the date of receiving the ITA to submit their application along with their documents.


Ministerial Information can be obtained from the government website ( where the schedule of rounds, specific programs and other relevant details are available.


Benefits of the Express Entry system include the provision for applicants to enhance their profile with additional certifications if their scores are low. An applicant stays in the pool for a period of 12 months for potential employees to choose from. Also, the permanent residence visas are now processed within a period of six months, faster than the previous systems.


If a candidate does not get an ITA within 12 months of submitting the profile, a new profile can be submitted. If the criteria are met, candidates can re-enter the pool to get selected. This feature of the Express Entry System prevents backlogs and ensures quick processing.


Applicants need to ensure their foreign credentials are assessed according to the Canadian Standards and that they have no medical or criminal issues which may cause inadmissibility.


The CRS is a transparent and methodological system to rank candidates. There are a total of 1,200 points available and candidates are ranked under the following components:


  • Core human capital factors;
  • Accompanying Spouse or Common-Law Partner Factors, if applicable;
  • Skill Transferability Factors; and
  • Factors relating to a provincial nomination or a qualifying offer of arranged employment.


Canada is facing a shortage of skilled professionals, and the Express Entry system is a positive step taken towards encouraging skilled immigrants. With this system, applicants have a greater change to get selected by potential employees, and potential employees have a better pool of applicants to choose. Now that is a win-win!


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