Can I live in Canada as a British citizen?

If you’re a British citizen and plan to migrate to Canada to either work or study, one question you’ll have is whether you can retain your citizenship if you extend your stay or get permanent residency in the country.

Britishers do not need a visa to visit Canada and can stay in the country for a period of 6 months at a time. Most visitors though are quizzed on why they are visiting, how they plan to support themselves during their time in the country, and when they plan to return. If you intend to work during your stay, you will need to obtain the relevant work permit. If you wish to extend your stay, you can apply for an extension 4-5 months into your stay. The granting of the extension, however, is entirely upto immigration officials. Through all this, you retain your British citizenship.

If you wish to stay in Canada for a longer period, you may apply for permanent residency. This entitles you to live in the country, travel outside it and return through the validity of your PR card. Permanent Residency is specifically for individuals without Canadian citizenship, so you retain your British citizenship here as well.

If you decide to apply for Canadian citizenship, you can either choose to retain or give up your British citizenship. It is possible to hold dual citizenship (carry both British and Canadian passports). However, to become a Canadian citizen, you need to qualify in 6 areas:

  • Age (at least 18 years old)

  • Permanent resident status (must have PR status)

  • Length of time spent in Canada (at least 3 years in the past 4 years)

  • Language ability (proof that you can speak and understand English/French)

  • Criminal history

  • How well you know Canada

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41 Responses to Can I live in Canada as a British citizen?

  1. Sharon Aird

    I wish to live annd work in Canada for 3/4 years with my son Sean (13 years old). I want him to finish his education there. He is currently choosing options at school so this is a perfect time. I have two sponsors, my uncle and my cousin and will be residing with them. After Sean finishes school we will be returning to Scotland.

    Can you help point me in the right direction

    • admin


      Thanks for reaching out.

      Presuming that you want your son to go to school in the same province as your family members are located I would suggest trying to secure employment with a Canadian company in the surrounding area. If your on a work permit your son will have the right to study and this will also give you options later on if you decided to live there permanently.

      We have a service where we can assist you with finding employment with employers looking to sponsor foreign nationals and help you secure work permit.

      Please let us know if you have any more questions.


      Simon Koe

  2. Sunny Khan

    My fiance is british passport holder. Can she migrate to canada with me?


    • admin


      Thanks for reaching out.

      You fiance can be part of your application if you can prove you been living together for no less than 12 months.

  3. Sara

    We want to migrate to canada as a family. My husband works in Dubai and will continue to work there and commute. But my kids and I want to move to Toronto . We are British passport holders. Is that possible.

  4. Nick

    Hi there.

    I am looking at relocating to Vancouver. I am a British Citizen, married with two children. My family lives in Vancouver and we will hopefully be joining them. Will this be possible to do as a family once we are there or will we have to apply for permanent residence from outside Canada?

  5. tariq

    I have a friend who hasa criminal record in Britain for geettin in trouble when he was younger. will this affect him being gained entry to Canada to work for a few months?

  6. Kristian Kolcze

    Hi there, My wife and I are decided to move to Canada, I am British Citizen and my wife is Mexican. My uncle is Canadian Citizen, Is there any way that he can help us to move there?

  7. Sami

    I’m applying for an a year long internship in Canada, it’s very likely I’ll be selected for it.
    I’m a British Citizen and I suppose I’ll need a work permit. How would I go about applying for it, and are biometrics mandatory for working permits to Canada?

  8. khan

    Hi I am Afghan has been living in the UK for 8 years with husband and 4 children all under the age of 7. And my husband and children are British citizen. We want to move to Canada forever. Is this possible?

  9. Blessed


    I’m a nigerian citizen and recently got married and my husband is danish. We both plan to move, work and settle down in canada.
    Will there be additional requirements from side since i’ll be joining him as his spouse.

  10. marianne roberts

    hi I am am a citizen of the Uk and was born there and my family are there. I live in the USA now with a USA passport but have dual citzenship. Can I retire in Canada if I want to.

  11. Lisa

    My son is 18 years old and is a british citizen ,
    1-can he apply for PR in canada now..
    2- will he have to pay the school fees in canada .

  12. Leo

    Hi my wife is British citizen and my daughter as well but I got Pakistani passport . Will we be able to move in Canada and what type of visa do I need ..??

  13. Christopher

    My child was born in Canada. Does this qualify my child for Canadian Citizenship or residence? Does it also qualify my self?

  14. Sefedin

    I wish to live and work to Canada with my family

  15. Cat

    I am currently staying in Canada since the summer of 2014 as I already had my tourist visa extension in few times.
    Please advice me how can I stay in here permanently.



  16. hi me and my boyfriend both have realtives in canada with a pr card. we wish to imagrate to work or study there. we re both from malta (European island) how can i do it please and is it possible ?

  17. matt

    i want to i have just left the British army after 6 years as a infantry soldier
    i am what they say technically “unskilled”
    but my girlfriend is a nurse who wants to move over there
    now as we have been together for 4 years now i want to know where i stand on being able to move with her as we already live together here in the UK so any advice would be much appreciated
    thank you

  18. Gul

    I am french national
    living in UK since 2011
    want to migrate to live and work permanently
    I have 3 children aged : 12,13 & 14 years old
    is it possible
    please reply
    thank you

  19. Ahmed Farah

    I am British Citizen who has parents in Canada. They are both Canadian Citizen. I also visit my parents in Ottawa nearly every year hence was looking to apply for permanent residence in Canada.


    Ahmed Farah

  20. Ahmed Farah

    I am British citizen who has his parents in Canada who are both Canadian citizen. I visit Canada regularly and would like to apply for permanent residence in Canada?



  21. Hı! iam fılipino citizens living in turkey. I have living partner, he is from england and we have a baby boy 2 years old. İs it possible for us to live and work in canada? looking forward. thanks!

  22. Hı! iam fılipino citizens living in turkey. I have live in partner, he is from england and we have a baby boy 2 years old. İs it possible for us to live and work in canada? looking forward. thanks

  23. Lulu

    I would like to immigrate to canada.
    I may be able to get a job with a prospective employer in Ontario, however I do not have any previous experience in that kind of job. I read that it is necessary to have at least 2 years experience in the job that you are going to move over to do. Is this a strict rule or can it be worked around?

  24. ben

    Hello my name is ben I’m a British citizen and I am wanting a lifestyle change I’m currently 22 I have a friend in Alberta who say I can reside with her for the time being but I would like to move and work permanently and just wanted to know what’s the best way to do this

  25. maliha

    Im a British citizen and want to work in canada my question is that how do i get a work permit to do a job over there. And if uk citizens do not need a visa to visit canada than why they can stay only for 6 months?

  26. John

    I wish to obtain dual citizenship (UK / Canadian )
    I have been in contact with my partner since 1989 and we have now decided to make a go of things. I own a business in the uk and plan on selling it in the next few years. My partner lives in Canada and i wish to move there but feel duel citizenship would make travel between the uk and canada easer. I will be in a position when my business is sold to not need to work, I also will have a uk pension and my partner has a massive farm that will easily support us very comfortably indefinitely.
    can you please advise me as to my best approach to dual citizenship? I would like to move there in september 2015 and i hope to get sorted what i can from where i am in the uk.
    Hope you can help.
    Many thanks.

  27. cheryll hart

    I’m a british citizen planning to migrate to canada. I have just received my LMIA. Will I need to apply for anything else (temporary resident visa?) before I leave for Canada or can I simply travel with my LMIA? Thank you for your time.

  28. Paige Johnstone

    I am 22 years old and my dad recently became a Canadian citizen, I visited Vancouver and fell I love with the city. I am looking for a new adventure in my life and work in Vancouver, how can I do this?

  29. amit

    I m British passport holder and I m living in UK with my wife and son,and I m working on tesco as vernal assistant .we want move to Canada for peremently. My brother sister and my mom dad living in canada please can u give me right direction how I can move easily there . thanks very much

  30. Sohal Sohal

    I am Sohal,I am citizen of UK.But my wife and 2 kinds are in Bangladeshi.They also living in Bangladesh.I want to go to Canada for living long time.So i need to take my family for living with me.
    So i need to know is it possible to inter Canada with them.Or what should i do?
    Please know me…
    Thank you

  31. Ritesh

    I am British passport holder and Taiwan to move Canada to stay and work is this possible

  32. Ritesh

    I am British passport holder and want to move Canada to stay and work is this possible

  33. Hi, I am a British Citizen and wants to relocate to Canada but I need a job first . Do you know agencies that I can register with. I have my big sister living there.

  34. Altaf Ibrahim

    I and my wife are British nationals
    My older daughters are at university
    Plus working,they are 20 and 21
    My sons are in full time adulation
    11 and 16
    Plus one daughter 14
    We would like to migrate to Canada
    I’m working as a carer

  35. stevi

    Hi there,
    My fiance and I are from South Africa, he also has his British citizenship. Would we have a better chance of immigrating to Canada because of his citizenship?

  36. Nicole


    I am from Scotland and I have a 2year old and I want to move to Toronto Canada for a fresh start with my son and I want to know if that is possible for me to do ?

    Can u help me

  37. Muhammed Qadir

    Hi, I’m a British citizen, I would like to move to Canada and work the oil rogs,.
    I’m 22 and single, I want to work for a while and then go to university with a loan preferably.
    I have some family there and a bunch of friends.
    What do I have to do??

  38. Robbie

    Can you please advise if a British citizen has to qualify for labour market test or they can just find any job to apply for work permit ?

  39. KJ

    Hi we’re are currently using the express entry for PR, my husbands sister wants to move here to be with us so our children can grow up together but I can’t understand the rules around sponsoring family members, we are all from Britain

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