Can I live in Australia with a UK passport?

Can I live in Australia with a UK passport?


The number of British citizens migrating to Australia is on the rise and understandably so. Australia’s economy and culture have much to offer Britishers looking for a rich, fulfilling change of pace. If you’re a British citizen thinking of moving to Australia, you’re probably wondering how your citizenship will be affected. Here are some points you need to be aware of…


Do you need a visa?
Britishers looking to study or work in Australia do need to obtain the relevant visa and paperwork before they fly out. Working in Australia does require that the visa is specific to the type of work to be undertaken, the credentials of the employer and whether the applicant’s skills meet requirements. If you do get your visa, you can remain in the country as a British citizen through your stay.


What about permanent residency?

You can get permanent residency status in Australia visa one of two ways. The first is as a Partner/Spouse of an Australian citizen. The second is if you are granted a skilled immigration visa (permanent visa). Under either of these as well, you can retain your British citizenship.


So that leaves Australian citizenship…

Becoming an Australian citizen means that you will have all the privileges and responsibilities of a person born in the country. You may be conferred citizenship if you (as a British citizen) have migrated to Australia, meet the eligibility requirements and have lived in the country for a long time.


The good news is that both the UK and Australia do support dual/multiple citizenship and you can retain your British citizenship even after you are granted Australian citizenship. This means that you hold passports of both countries, can entry and exit both countries, and function as a full citizen of both.


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6 Responses to Can I live in Australia with a UK passport?

  1. Punit Jaipal Shah

    I am a British Citizen currently working as an Engineering/QHSE/Sustainability consultant in Doha. I wish to immigrate to Australia with my Spouse. Please give me further information on how long the process may take and what would it cost me

  2. Baldev Singh

    Hello sir or madam I am British citizen I am a truck driver my many friends in Australia truck drivers I want move to Australia my wife and two sons they recently came in uk so how long I can move with my family to Australia thanks.

  3. Syed

    Hi, I am British citizen work in a retail shop, I would like to go Australia on work visa, how can I get work visa? How long it will take and how much it cost me? I am 38 years old. Kind regards syed

  4. Robin Knowles

    to whom it may concern, i run a taxi buissness company in the united kingdom. i enjoy working with children and transporting speacial needs children from home and to school. iam crb checked and work along side my local authority, i would love to move to austrlia with my partner who is also a goverment carer in a reabilitation unit , we both would love to work in australia, please can you let us know what we have to do now so this dream can come true, thankyou robin knowles,

  5. Sian Parkes

    Sian Parkes, Hello there how do I live and work and bring up a young family in Australia ?we have always dreamed of living in Australia and would really appreiate some advise and help to follow our dream to become reality thankyou in advance

  6. Sally Atkins

    My brother is a British citizen and would like to live and work here in Australia. How can I get a working visa for him. He is chef in Ramadan Hotel in London.
    Thank you in advance

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