Planning to move to Australia? The tickets, visas, jobs, everything need to be taken care of. But among all these, do not forget to pay attention to your budget as well. If that skipped your mind, don’t worry. Here is how you can still plan your budget for Australia.



We at Migrate Me understand that budgeting can be tedious as well as confusing at times. We made a list of the expenses you may have to incur during your stay in Australia and divided in sections accordingly.



Ofcourse! This is the first thing that should pop in your mind while budgeting for Australia. Cost of living will include the following:

  • Housing
  • Food and Groceries
  • Schooling and tuition fees
  • Transportation
  • Health Insurance
  • Bills – Electricity, Telephone, Internet

These are the major expenses. Apart from these, there will be monthly expenses as well that you may want to take a view at.

  • Club Memberships
  • Training Fees – sports, yoga, gym
  • Others – clothes, furniture, electronics, repairing charges, etc.

Do remember to save a certain amount as “Emergency Amount” for times when you may have to shell out extra money during tough times.



Yes, most of the expenses will be covered by the Health Insurance. But you have to take care of your own medical expenses. If you or your family member is already on treatment, you should get medicines before hand or ask your doctor for alternative medicines that you can get in Australia.

Believe it or not, jet lag is real. And so are crisis when you shift to a new country. Hence, we suggest that you start looking for a job right after you move to Australia. It will help you settle down and will cut down on the expenses that everyone has to incur after shifting. This way, you also get to meet new people and will help you mingle among them.



You have to be prepared to what we call as Culture Shock. This literally means you might face difficulties in understanding and adapting to the new culture. But you made a safe decision as Australia is a country with diverse cultures from all over the world. So believe it or not, you are bound to run into someone who also belongs to the same country you hail from.

Once you shift there, you will notice the change in language, common jargons, style, attitude, etc which might be slightly different than yours. But Aussies are also known for being open minded and for their welcoming nature. So feel free to mingle with the locals. It will help you create your own social circle and help you settle in.

At times when you feel homesick, know that it is completely normal and is part of being new to Australia. In such times, stay in touch with your family and loved ones back in your homeland. You can also write a blog to share your experience with expats and newbies like yourself. It will not only help you express yourself but also is a great way of connecting with people who share similar interests.

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