Australia is becoming a preferred destination for migration among individuals from all ages and lifestyles. Youngsters come here for better education and employment opportunities and retired individuals come here for enhanced living and peaceful lifestyle.




Amongst the group of individuals who move to Australia, large number of people belongs to the working group. Some choose to settle here permanently while others are frequent visitors with equal intervals. Whatever may be the situations, Australia has always been welcoming towards the immigrants. Various different policies and provision cater to the different backgrounds of the immigrants.


Although it is very convenient to become permanent residents of Australia compared to many other countries, Australia has many different types of visas for working individuals. Many of these types cater to the temporary working manners of individuals and companies. This article explores the types of temporary visas in Australia.


All kinds of visas that have a limited validity are termed as temporary visas. These visas usually have less stringent screening procedures compared to permanent visas. One important visa amongst these is the Australian Temporary Work Visa.


The Australian Temporary Work Visa, also known as the Subclass 457 Visa, aims at skilled workers moving to Australia for a shorter duration of time. This duration can range from a single day to up to a period of four years, depending on the employer requirement.


Let us have a look at the other basic details for the Subclass 457 Visa.


Time limit:

A temporary work visa holder is eligible to reside in Australia from the span of one day to four years. During this time, there are no restrictions on the number of visits the visa holder can make to and from the country.


Requirements as Employers:

All employers need to show commitment to be approved as sponsors by the Australian government to be able to sponsor applicants for this visa. The employer/business needs to be set up in Australia, or an oversees business looking to set up business in the country.


These business must adhere to the employment opportunity related regulations and laws. They also need to fulfil the criteria for imparting proper training to the workers.


Requirements as Employees:

An employee is eligible for the temporary work visa if he/she fulfils the set requirements. He/she needs to be sponsored by an approved business. Businesses/employers usually sponsor individuals when they find it difficult recruit existing citizen or permanent residents.


An applicant also needs to be nominated to work in the approved occupation as well as meet the skills requirements for the said occupation. The applicants also need to meet the licensing and registration requirements for a particular occupation.


The Australian Government’s official website can be referred to check for other health, character and language proficiency requirements.



All the necessary documents need to be kept ready before applying for this visa. A detailed list of documents can be obtained from the Australian Government website.


Candidates can apply for this visa by filling the online application form available at:

This form is known as the eVisa application 1066.


Detailed information regarding all the procedures can be found in the Goernment .pdf document on the website:


The Subclass 457 or the Australian Temporary Work Visa has proven to be very useful for employers seeking skilled workers from oversees. It benefits the employees with its features of easier application as well as the permission to make frequent trips in and out of the country.


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