If Australia is the name that comes to your mind when you think of migration, then we are not surprised. In the past few decades, Australia has recorded a rise in the number of migration from all over the globe. It is these skilled migrants who form a major contributor in the development and progress of Australia.




Australian Permanent Resident is an individual who holds a PR visa of Australia. These PR visa holders are eligible of the following:

  • Live in Australia
  • Work in Australia
  • Study or take up as many educational courses in Australia
  • Travel


Though a permanent resident in Australia enjoys most benefits like that of an Australian citizen, there are a few exceptions.


By default, an Australian Citizen has the right to enter and travel out of Australia. But if you are a PR visa holder, you must have valid travel authority from the immigration department that will enable you to travel internationally. This is strictly limited to your time period of permanent residency in Australia.


Another fact that separates Australian citizens from permanent residents is that an Australian citizen has the right to vote. In most cases, a permanent resident is not eligible to vote. However, if a permanent resident was enrolled to vote before 1984 (as British subject), they are eligible to vote.


The Australian government funds the educational facilities and universities in every state. Each of these institutions is dependent in its own governance for their course and its content.


When it comes to children, when a child is born on Australian soil, they automatically become Australian citizen. It is to be noted that this is possible only when one of the parents is an Australian citizen or a permanent resident during the child’s birth.


Children born on foreign lands with none of their parents as Australian citizen or permanent citizens do not become Australian citizens by descent. They must apply for residency through other visa programs provided by the Australian immigration department.


Australian citizenship and permanent residency are similar on many levels. In other words, Australian permanent residency is the one important part of gaining citizenship in Australia.


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