Before you move to Australia, it is important you start with your pre-trip planning. A pre-trip planning consists of checklists that will help you assort things within the required time. And since these checklists will be about travelling and living in Australia, let’s call this the Australian Checklist.


Now we shall divide the checklists into the following categories for your convenience


Remember to pack these with you while you leave for your flight for Australia.

  • Employment offer letter from your employer in Australia
  • Enough funds to sustain yourself till you get your first payment
  • Small notes about things you should expect when you reach Australia – culture shock, jet lag, etc.
  • Good health and a positive attitude


Make sure you are carrying copies of the following documents before you land in Australia.

  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates, Divorce papers if separated from partner
  • Birth certificates, adoption papers of your kids
  • Professional certifications and documents to support your professional skills and experience
  • Education qualifications and certificates
  • Medical and health records
  • Bank documents, account details, etc
  • Credit and loan references, mortgages, etc
  • Insurance
  • Drivers licence (Both, yours and that of your partners)
  • Schooling documents of your kids if they will be continuing schooling in Australia
  • Work history documents, testimonials, reference letters, etc

TIP: Always send duplicate copies for assessments. Provide originals only during verifications.


  • It is always advisable to get written job descriptions and an overview of your previous employment experiences.  This should include your job roles, responsibilities, achievements and events, appreciation from seniors, etc
  • If you have done an career aptitude test, keep that handy as well.
  • Keep your testimonials ready in advance. Add in these whereever you think it will add value to your profile. But remember not to over do it. These testimonials can be from your previous employers, colleagues, associates, clients, suppliers or any third party associates you may have worked with.


  • When in Australia, make a local email address (ending with .com or as the first reference email address for your potential employers.
  • It is also better to base these email addresses on your names (for instance,
  • Avoid generic email address for your work profile (For instance,


After you reach Australia, you will have to work on creating your own network database. These are a few tips that you should definitely do before and while you are in Australia.

  • A database of everyone you know, including family and friends.
  • Keep a backup of all the contact details separately
  • Ask for references in Australia before you move. You can probably get this from people you already know
  • Always give a prompt reply to everyone you get in touch with – even if they weren’t of much help
  • Get involved in networking groups like where you can meet people of your own professional and social interests
  • Nothing is better than having a known person when you first arrive in Australia


Once you have checked everything, you are set for Australia. Still haven’t applied for your visa? Fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and let’s get you closer to your Australian dream.

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