Australia Work Visas

Australia Work Visas


Australia has long been a destination of choice for foreign nationals looking to migrate. While it’s not difficult to see why, given the sunny climes, easy going culture and high standard of living, getting through the visa application process can be quite a task.

The country welcomes skilled workers that can assure the authorities of a positive contribution towards Australia’s economy and society. However, there are a number of classes and sub-classes of work permits that are based on an applicant’s education, work experience and financial circumstances.

SkillSelect: This is an online service aimed at making sure that work visas are granted to applicants that meet the skill requirements of the Australian economy. Applicants intending to participate in the points-based or business investment visa programmes, need to first submit an Expression on Interest and receive an invitation to make a visa application.

But what type of work permit do you qualify for?

Types of Australian work permits

To legally work in Australia, you must hold a visa that allows you to work in the country. Here are the main categories of work visas available:

Employer sponsored workers: Within this class, applicants can obtain temporary or permanent visas based on their skill set and employer requirements.

Professionals and other skilled migrants: This is a points-based visa system for skilled applicants who want to migrate to Australia, but are not sponsored by an employer.

Business people: Business people looking to invest in the country, establish or manage a business or simply visit on a short business trip qualify for this visa.

Temporary workers and specialist entry: These visas are specifically for applicants participating in cultural, social or professional activities.

Doctors and nurses: Qualified medical professionals are in high demand across the country and are eligible for both temporary and permanent job opportunities.

Regional employment: To cater to regional requirements, the government offers several visas that include states or territories sponsoring applicants.

Air and sea crew: These visas apply to foreign nationals employed as air crew, maritime and super yacht crew.

Seasonal workers: This program allows approved employers to sponsor applicants from eligible countries to come to the country. It extends from July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2016.

Do bear in mind that each of the classes listed above have further sub-classes, based on specific education, location, experience and financial circumstances. Some visa classes will also need applicants to register with certain authorities to be eligible.

Experts at Migrate Me can help you identify which visa you are best suited for and also help you discovers suitable job opportunities.

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