Australia’s financial and industrial market has been booming in the past couple of years, leading to an increase of demand in the labour market. Since Australia cannot satisfy its own requirements, skilled migrants have been offered permanent residency in Australia.



Migrants who apply for PR visa in Australia have to apply through the point based immigration system. Australia Subclass 189 allows an applicant to live and work in Australia as a PR visa holder. Here is everything you need to know about the Australia Subclass 189.


Generally, this visa type allows you to live and work in Australia through a migration system based on your skills assessment. In order to apply for this visa category, you must fulfill the basic criterion to qualify. For every criterion you meet, you are awarded with certain points that get you closer to qualify for the PR visa.



To qualify for Australia Subclass 189, you must fulfil the following criterion

  • AGE: You should be an adult, below the age of 50 years
  • PROFESSIONAL SKILLS: You’re skills should meet the standards set by the Australian authorities for the Occupations on the Skilled Occupation List
  • LANGUAGE SKILLS: You must score above 6.0 in your English language skills to qualify for this visa
  • QUALIFICATION: Your qualifications include your academics and certificates which also add up to the points that you require to qualify for a PR visa
  • WORK EXPERIENCE: Your work experience as a professional adds volume to your profile while applying for a PR visa in Australia
  • SPOUSE: You can also earn points if your spouse is qualified to work in Australia while migrating along with you

In addition to this, you must achieve a grand total of 60 points and above to qualify for the PR visa. This score is achieved on compilation of all the points you are awarded for every criteria mentioned above.



The benefits of working in Australia attract migrants from all over the world. Here are the top few benefits of migrating under Australia Subclass 189.

  • LIVE & WORK – As a PR Visa holder, you are eligible to live and work in Australia for a fixed duration
  • STUDY – Living in Australia with a PR visa allows you to study and take up VET (Vocational Education & Training) in schools and colleges in Australia
  • MEDICARE – Australia provides one of best medi-care facilities provided by the government at subsidized cost
  • TRAVEL – As a permanent resident, you are not eligible to travel in Australia during your stay here
  • ELIGIBLE FOR AUSTRALIAN CITIZENSHIP – Once a PR Visa holder, you are also eligible to apply for Australian Citizenship
  • SPONSOR PEOPLE FOR PR – One of the biggest advantages of being a permanent resident in a country like Australia is that you can sponsor the visa for your family members

Apart from this, Australia is one of the top most country chosen by migrants many reasons. Along with professional satisfaction, migrants also feel that Australia has a lot to provide socially as well as culturally. This, in the end contributes to the decision making while moving to Australia.


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