Australia is a country of diversity. From it scenic landscapes to its culture, Australia is known for being one such country with variety from all over the globe. Apart from enjoying a higher quality of life, Australia provides a variety of opportunities for those seeking them abroad.


To even begin with, you must be clear of the reasons why you want to migrate to Australia. Here are top few reasons why many people migrate to Australia

  • Good career opportunities
  • Top class universities and other educational institutions
  • Better quality of life
  • Healthy environment to raise a family
  • Retirement abroad, etc.


Among these, if you are the one looking for better career opportunities, then Australia is the place for you.


Now that the reason for your migration has been set, you must have knowledge about all the visa programs that will help you get visa to Australia. In this case, you must obtain a skilled migration visa, which permits you to live and work in Australia as a permanent resident.




You are eligible for a skilled migration visa if you are a professional/worker abroad with skills that are required in Australia.



As an applicant, you must be eligible to be nominated or get sponsored work visa. In case you are not nominated or sponsored, you must be eligible to be nominated by for at least one of the following:

  • Australian employer or business owner (approved by the Australian Immigration Department)
  • Nominated by a state or territory’s government agency
  • Nominated by a state or territory authority




If a skilled individual from overseas wishes to apply for skilled migration visa programs, they must lodge an EOI (Expression of Interest) with the immigration department to work and live in Australia.


Before opting for any particular skilled visa program, it is important that you ensure that your skills are listed in the SOL (Sponsored Occupation List) and CSOL (Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List). Once you have selected your choice of skillset, you must get your skills assessed by the relevant assessment authorities and get nominated. The skills assessment reports along with the documents provided by you will be assessed by the authorities and is included with the visa application.


Migration can be a hectic process and at times takes too much of your time. Any mistake during documentation or any other procedure could cost you your plan to migrate to Australia.


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