9 Reasons To Move To Australia

9 Reasons To Move To Australia


You might have heard of Australia’s fame and popularity as a top destination for migration. But did you know what makes Australia so unique? We tell you about the 9 main reasons the world’s working population is moving Down Under:


  1. LAND OF OPPORTUNITIES – Due to the varied background of its masses and growing population, there has been a huge influx of ideas and entrepreneurs. Due to this the economy is always on the climb and new job opportunities keep coming your way. Australia is truly the land of opportunities for anyone who is seeking whole heartedly.


  1. CULTURAL DIVERSITY – Australia has a huge cultural base and variety when it comes to bringing different ethnicities together. Australia has a wide variety of strata and backgrounds of people. It is a great place to explore and have fun doing so!


  1. HIGH JOB AVAILABILITY – Australia’s Skilled Occupation List is one of the longest for job opportunities you can find anywhere in the world. Due to hundreds of opportunities generated and thousands of applicants, you can always find that one perfect job in Australia that fits your profile.


  1. TAKING A YEAR OFF IS NORMAL – Usually in other countries taking a year off is considered a grave threat to your career. Even might end up losing the position. But in Australia it is common to take a year off and join back on the same job. This is better done after securing a Permanent Resident Visa (PR Visa) in Australia. Contact one of our experts at Migrate Me by filling a Free Visa Assessment to know how you can carve your PR Visa path to Australia.


  1. GREAT FESTIVALS – Some of the most brilliant and awe capturing festivals are celebrated in Australia. You can migrate to the country and be a part of its brilliant colors and party loving lifestyle. One of the greatest being VIVID Sydney, the largest celebration with lights, music and ideas in the entire Southern Hemisphere. Contact us and get your tourist visa going in case you fancy attending a few of its brilliant Festivals!


  1. HIGHEST MINIMUM WAGES – Owing to the high opportunities and a competitive recruitment base, Australia holds the record for being the country with Highest Minimum wages – which is US$16.88 or AU$19.16 as a starting minimum wage per hour – for even the lowest paid occupations. This sets the mark for better paid occupations and work profiles to be much more and highly competitive compared to the rest of the world. Even someone on a Working Holiday Visa makes a good income to support his or her stay in Australia.


  1. VARIETY IN UNIVERSITIES AND PART TIME WORK – Australia has one of the biggest spectrum of choices available in terms of education and work, and their combinations. You can go to Australia on a Student Visa and depending on the subclass, can stay and work in the country. Students usually prefer getting a job in Australia and after the required work experience, apply for a PR Visa and become citizen of the country. That point, Education becomes very affordable since citizen enjoy HUGE education benefits. To know more on how to emigrate as a Student, Fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT and one of our experts will get in touch with your case study in place.


  1. WORLD’S HAPPIEST INDUSTRIALIZED NATION – Due to good work culture, harmonic social culture and average life span of 83 years, which is 2 years above Organization for Economic Co-operation & Development (OCED) average, Australia has one of the highest life expediencies in the world. Couple that with abundant medical and nursing facilities and you get a winning combination for creating the World’s Happiest Industrialized Nation.


  1. GREAT BARRIER REEF AND SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE – Despite all the beautiful beaches and swimming pools right at the doorstep of where sea starts, this one deserves to be listed as one of the most favorable reasons why Australia is so desirable. Having a great flora and fauna is one of Australia’s specialties like many other countries near the Tropics. But the Great Barrier Reef and its royalty stands out among all the wonderful places plotted on the Globe. Along with the greatest natural wonder of the world, Australia also possesses one of the best engineering marvels of the world – Sydney Opera House.


These are the top 9 Reasons to Move to Australia!


Now that you know the top reason for Australia’s celebrity status among all the countries of the world as a dream destination, you can begin the process of applying for a visa yourself by filling in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and letting our experts do the hard work for your smooth visit to Australia!


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