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The Canada Express Entry System is like a boon for migrants who wish to move to Canada. This system is efficient which makes the process less hectic for first timers. This has accelerated the whole migration process making it easier for skilled workers to migrate to Canada to find better opportunities.

The Express Entry System has not only overcomes all the troubles that migrants felt during migration, but has also opened new ways for people to choose their way into the maple-leaf country. It has overcome all issues that were faced by the immigration department in the past. Express Entry System has also opened new avenues for employers in Canada to play an important role in streamlining the economic growth of Canada.

In the past few decades, there has been a shortage of skilled labour in Canadian market.This has increased the demand for skilled migrants from overseas to move to Canada. Authorities stated that the introduction of the express entry has not only accelerated the volume of migrants moving in Canada, but has also given the Canadian industries new hope.

The Express Entry System makes the process of migration to move quickly and precisely. Here are a few things you should know about the Canada Express Entry.




  • This new system has successfully made things more efficient and more applicant friendly. The various requirements in this system can be easily understood by applicants. In this system, as an applicants, you must show experience and skills that compel an employer to offer you a permanent job which will automatically grant you a permanent residency visa in Canada.
  • You have to create a profile in the Express Entry System and get your application approved. Once that is done, employers will get access to your profile and offer you employment who finds you best suited as per their requirement.
  • Having a good profile improves your chances at getting a better score.
  • Express Entry provides a good opportunity for employers all over Canada to hire smart and talented people. With the introduction of this system, they get access to a whole new set of candidates who are looking for good employment opportunities in companies like theirs.
  • Applicants between the age group of 20-29 are awarded an extra 10 points while making their profile.
  • Another point that highlights Express Entry is that this system was specially introduced for Permanent Resident Visas in Canada. This separation from the regular immigration system has speeded up the process for candidates who seek employment in Canada.


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Moving to Australia for work? Here are some things you should be sure about before migrating to Australia.




It is always important that you review your work experience and trainings that can be accounted under transferable skills. Make sure you give this task ample of time and thought as it affects your profile while applying for jobs overseas.

Making your work profile allows you to highlight your skills and plus points making it easier for your employers to analyse your profile and offer you employment accordingly. Keep a note of your experiences about projects that you wish to highlight your profile. The main point here is to make your profile desirable for your future employers in Australia.


Along with your work experience and skills, you will also have to get your qualifications assessed to match the Australian standards. These assessments will be solely for employment purposes unless you are applying for a student visa (educational purposes).

This review procedure helps you understand where you stand in the migration process and can take up trainings and additional courses if you need any. These additional courses will only improve your credibility while you are applying to get sponsorship from an employer in Australia.

Now, if you are among those who need to convert their qualifications as per Australian equivalents, you must check online to get an idea how long it will take for the process to complete. To know more about this, our experts at Migrate Me can guide you through the process and also make the submissions and documentations on your behalf.

There may be cases where you will be asked for extra documentations in certain territories. Make sure you or your assessment team takes a good look about these requirements while applying for migration to Australia.


After your skills and qualification review, it is time to do some thorough research about the industry you are targeting. The best places to start is to do online research through corporate websites of companies. There are also job search websites which provide information as well as list down job opportunities for candidates like you.


After your profile is complete, you start with applying for jobs. You can also upload your profiles on job search websites when many companies can go through your profile and get in contact with you.

Once you start getting enquiries from companies, you can discuss your interests with the human resources manager and finalize the job requirements. This way, you are clear about your job title and scope of work before you start working.

It is always advisable to secure a job before you move to Australia. If you still prefer to look for one after you come to Australia, you can get yourself enrolled in recruitment agencies who will look and apply for jobs on your behalf.


English is the top most preference when it comes to language skills in Australia. Every applicant will be given marks as per their language proficiency skills. These skills are assessed on Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. It is necessary for you to score a minimum 6 bands in each criteria to score points in the language proficiency.

In case English isn’t your first language, you should get the necessary trainings required as per Australian standards.


Before going to Australia, make sure you check your financials well in advance. This includes almost everything – taxes, credit cards, insurances, health and medical insurances, etc. It will also be handy to keep a valid credit card after you moved in Australia. It is often seen that the formalities can be time consuming, which delays approval for your new credit/debit cards.

Secondly, it is also important that you calculate your budget for living in Australia before hand. this will not only help you estimate how much funds you need to have to stay in Australia, but will also give you an idea how much should be your minimum salary expectation from Australian employers.


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Australia is the most sort after country for both tourism as well as for those looking for better opportunities. This country is known to be the home for the most exotic flora and fauna species known to humans. And it is hard to avoid the fact the Australia also has the best and the largest beaches. So much that if you chose to visit one beach every day, it would take you around 27 years to see all these beaches!

Over the past many decades, there has been a huge rise in the number of migrants coming in Australia, looking for career opportunities. If you are among those looking to migrate to Australia to explore your option, read on to know more.



Ideally, there are two ways by which you can apply for Australian PR Visa. They are:

  • If you are already living and working in a specific region/territory for 2 years or more, or have been self employed for over one year
  • If you are a sponsorship holder under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme

The Immigration System in Australia is a point based system. This enables applicants to score points based on their education, skills, qualifications, experience and language skills.

Australian Immigration has introduced two Subclass Visa Programmes to cater the needs of the skilled migrants who wish to migrate to Australia.


This visa category are for those applicants who score a minimum 60 points in the point based system. This visa enables the applicant to live and work in Australia till the visa expires. To be eligible for this type of visa, you must gain a sponsorship from an Australian employer.


This visa category are for those who may have not scored 60 points in the Skilled Independent visa category. Under this visa, you still have to score 60 points, the plus point being that you will receive a sponsorship from an Australian state or territory government.


To be able to utilise Australian Immigration services to the fullest, take a note of the benefits mentioned below.


  • Social Security Number and the Privileges that come along with it
  • Education facilities for your kids. You too can enrol into any educational courses during your stay in Australia
  • National Health Services are another added benefits of being a permanent resident in Australia
  • Migrate-Work-Live in Australia

Migrating to a new country can be tricky and hectic when it comes to the whole documentation process. Any delay or accident in submission of these can delay the whole migration process. In such cases, feel free to get experts advice and experienced people guide and help you during difficulties. Migrate Me has a team of MARA Registered Visa consultants who will be your counsellor as well as your guide to help you with the Technical parts.

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Canada by no doubt is the most sought after destination for students and skilled migrants who wish to move overseas for better opportunities. Canada has so much to offer to its people. From good standard of living to better academic and career prospects while living in a multicultural country. Canada is considered among the top places to work for its high value for skills and expertise in every field.

For students who are looking forward to move to Canada to explore your opportunities, here is all about getting a study permit in Canada.




Before starting, let us give you a brief about what you can expect Canada to provide you.


Over the centuries, Canada has grown to be known for its education institutions and its facilities. As a student, Canada stands as the best option while comes with many benefits and enhances your career goals. It is also seen that Canada maintains a high level of education system which is with par with the global standards. They also provide a wide range of courses to cater the need of the youth of this generation.

Aspiring students who wish to get enrolled in Canadian institutions can learn more than expected. Living and growing in a new culture among people from various countries improves your social knowledge while helping you adapt to a new environment and nurture yourself.


Aspirants who wish to move to Canada to pursue further studies have to obtain a Study Permit in Canada. This permit allows you to live and study in Canada as long as your course lasts. To apply for Study Permit in Canada, you have to follow the guidelines mentioned below.


To be eligible for Canadian Study Permit, you must

  • Get admission in an educational institution in Canada
  • Provide proof that you can sustain your stay and tuition fees while you are in Canada
  • Be clear of all criminal charges, if any
  • Provide documents required for migration as well as admission in education institutions
  • Clear the medical tests and be in healthy condition while migrating to Canada
  • Assure the Immigration officer that you will leave Canada once your permit expires or your course ends, which ends first

Apart from all this, you also have to satisfy other criterion while migrating to Canada. To get more info about Study Permits in Canada, just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and our experienced consultants will get in touch with you. Along with migration services, our panel also consists of counselors who can guide and assist you through your migration process.




So maybe you are finalising when would you like to migrate to Australia. But how much do you know about the country you will be moving to? So we brought together facts that will enrich your knowledge about the land of Kangaroos.




  1. Melbourne is the title holder of the most liveable city in the world for three consecutive years – 2012, 2013 and 2014
  2. Black Swans. Yes, it was only after 1636 that Europeans believed that Black Swans exist after Dutch mariner saw a flock of of black swans in the Shark Bay, Australia. Before that, it was believed that only White Swans exist.
  3. Australia technically got rid of deaths by spider bites since 1979
  4. More than 90% of Australia is covered with Natural vegetation. If you crave for health and natural foods over canned, here is another reason to move to Australia
  5. The architecture of Opera House is significant. If the sails are combined of the Opera House roof, they would form a sphere. When asked about the design significance, the architect said he got inspired while eating an orange.
  6. If you planned to visit one new beach every day, it would take you over 27 years to visit all of them. Sounds like a long term plan, doesn’t it?
  7. If there is any place that has more snowfall than Switzerland, it is the Australian Alps.
  8. The male lyrebird, an Australian native bird can mimic calls of more than 20 different birds. And guess they don’t stop at that. they can also make sounds of camera, car alarm and also chainsaw!
  9. Australia is the only continent which does not have an active volcano. One more point for making Australia a safer place to move to.
  10. For those who are interested to know about the tax system in Australia, the financial year begins on 1st July and and ends on 30th June while taxpayers can file their returns till 31st October.
  11. The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest living being, which is also part of Australia. It is also one of the most sort after tourist attraction throughout the year.
  12. Speaking of natural, Australia also has the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  13. The concept of penny no longer exists in Australia. If the amount you are liable to pay in cash needs you to shell out pennies, they round off the amount to the nearest five cents. This makes it a round figure and easy to be calculated. Though this practice is not followed while you make payments through cards.
  14. Compared to the desert land Egypt, Australia is the home for the largest number of camels.
  15. It is interesting that inspite of being a multicultural country, Australia has the the highest number of Greek speaking population after Athens.
  16. And if you are looking for the cleanest environment, maybe you should target Tasmania. The Australian state – Tasmania has the cleanest air in the world.
  17. The number of migrants moving and settling in Australia has increased over the last few decades. This has resulted in an average of four out of ten Australians belonging to other countries or have migrants as their previous generation.
  18. Inspite of Sydney being the largest and the most famous city in Australia, many people mistake it to be the capital of Australia. Canberra is the capital city of Australia.
  19. Australia is mostly urbanized with almost 70% of its population living in the largest cities of Australia.
  20. Other than the well planned cities, Australia is also known to have the largest public tram system in the world.
  21. Lastly, Australia got its name from the Latin term Terra Australis Incognito  meaning ‘Unknown Southern Land’.

Now that you are up to date with basic knowledge of Australia’s history, geographical and urban features, let’s move ahead with your migration procedure. Just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and one of our MARA registered visa consultant will get in touch with you.





Planning to move to Australia? Do you believe there isn’t much of a difference in Australia and other countries? Then we dare you to take this test.

Suppose you meet an Australian and engage them into talking about an Australian sport, for instance, Football. After you find out all about the sport, the players, the pitch, the rules and maybe why they hate Collingwood, you might understand how Australia is slightly different from other countries.

Like every other culture, it is important to understand how Australia and Australians function. The first thing you must have while migrating to any country is to have a job. Once in Australia, you should get yourself familiar with Australian work culture. This is one step closer to successful migration to Australia.

Australia experiences a huge number of migrants moving in, in search of better opportunities. It is always a benefit to have a job in hand while you are applying for a PR visa in Australia.  If you are haven’t started yet, these tips will help you.



If you are already in Australia, you are well aware that job searching methods in Australia is different from that in other countries. While you are planning to migrate to Australia, it is always helpful if you do your homework before hand. To get a job in Australia should be your top most priority when you migrate to Australia.

This is how you can go about with your job search in Australia.


While planning your stay in Australia, chalk out a schedule and budget. This should include everything that is part of your migration. You must carefully calculate and distribute your time and budget among your visas, cost of living, getting a job, settling in Australia, etc.

It is also advisable that you also take into account the factors that can have negative impacts on your schedule and budget. Being prepared will help you deal with the crisis and get out of the situation with calm.


Now that you have the budget set, you can now concentrate on your job search.

While you are still working, it is always advisable to get your qualifications assessed by the Australian authorities. These assessments will cost you some money but will give you an idea where do you stand in your migration plan to Australia.


Always have a plan on how to land a job in Australia. You can apply through job search websites or directly to the companies who are looking for recruits from overseas. Migrate Me also provides all migration related services including Job Search while migrating to Australia.


Once you are done with your qualification assessment, you must have realized that Australians have their own standards different from that from the UK and US. Australian employers stress more on your scope of experience than qualifications and education. They are more skill and experience centred when it comes to recruiting.

To improve your chances to get a job in Australia, work on your soft skills as well. You have to understand that work culture is very different in Australia than that is in your workplace now. Developing a strong understanding of both your expertise as well as Australia’s work culture will help you fit in in your new environment.


Yes. You have to create network from the scratch. And it can pose a challenge for some.

Australians believe in networking. When in Australia, you will learn that everyone loves to talk and know new people. Being from another country gives you big opportunity to start with small talk with people you meet in social as well as formal gatherings.

Another way of networking would be through online groups. You can use your internet skills here to find groups where you can meet people who share similar thoughts like you. This forms a great base to start networking and connecting with people around you.


Every job is different so will be your employer. Hence, every application of yours should be according to the job you are applying for. To get a better idea if the job is meant for you, go through the company profile and job description. This will give you an overview of what the company is about and what the employer is expecting.


After all the preparation for the job search, don’t forget to prepare for interview. There are many websites that can help you with questions that Australian employers may ask. A handy tip would be add the minutest of details when you are discussing about work.


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