Australia Business Visas

Start your application by taking a Free Visa Assessment. Should you decide to continue with our service we charge a fee which starts from as low as £150 depending on the application type and complexity.

We offer additional services that are unavailable to you if you apply directly to the Government.

Assessment: An in-depth assessment by an expert of your eligibility, clearly outlining both temporary and permanent options

Career Options: Finding suitable career options that can lead to permanent residency.

Documentation: Qualification conversions, reference checks, career media pack, CV and cover letter for employment in Australia.

Career Clinic: Interview preparation for securing job.

Job Searches: Conducted on your behalf by our recruitment team.

Job Interviews: With companies willing to sponsor a foreign worker on a full time basis.

Visa Application: Your visa application will be prepared, reviewed and submitted by one of our registered Immigration Officers.

Relocation Services: Assisting you with travel, accommodation, local schools, social security number, bank accounts, health, shipping etc.

Intercontinental moves can be challenging. We can provide expert advice and support long after your visas are arranged and your tickets are bought. We have a huge network of trusted contacts and partners in all parts of Australia. We can put our knowledge and contacts to work for you, helping you find suitable employment, a home, we can even help you find the right car insurance and supplementary health cover – everything for living in Australia. Contact us today, and we will see what we can do for you.

Jobs in Australia

One of the things that set our service apart is the way we help clients who want to find work in countries like Australia. We have an enviable network of affiliates and job agencies in all parts of Australia, to help you find the kinds of work that suit you.

Australia is moving away from their old Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL), and is adopting several new strategies to get the skilled workers it needs.

Our advisers keep themselves informed of changing immigration policy, and can give much more accurate and timely advice than any list or guide. Please contact us to discuss your case.

Life in Australia

Life in Australia is too complicated to describe here, but a few points follow:

Australian schools are compulsory for children 5 to 15 years old. Higher education is open to all who meet the entry requirements.

Family life is very important to many Australians. Family support is available from many church, government, and community organisations.

Australians enjoy good overall health, in part due to good housing, sanitation, health care, water and food supplies.

Outdoor sports and recreation are popular, as are art, music, and dances derived from traditions around the world.

Australia’s cities and towns are often widely separated. Public transport such as trains and busses are popular, as is private vehicle ownership.

Relocating to Australia

Whether you are migrating to Australia with a domestic household and family, or whether your business needs to relocate key employees, Migrate Me can help.

If you are relocating employees, we can manage your company’s visa situation, keep you compliant with employment law, and use our contacts to introduce you to the local market. Our real estate advisers can help you find suitable premises, as well.

For family relocations, we have partners in all parts of Australia to help you find the right home, the right schools, and the right employment situation. More importantly, we can assure that you have selected the right visa, and have all your paperwork in the proper order, so living in Australia becomes a smooth experience.


We are registered and regulated with Australia’s MARA to offer the most up-to-date Immigration advice. We are not affiliated with any Government and you are free to make an application directly to the Government who will only charge you their visa fees. The Government will not assist in the preparation or building of your application before its submitted. The ways in which to do this are not always clearly set out by the immigration authorities and result in many applicants presenting their cases incorrectly, inevitably leading to a refusal. Migrate Me has the expertise to ensure that all your options are made clear to you and your application completed to the highest standards. We provide a free assessment and only charge for additional services agreed in advance and in writing with no hidden charges. Migrate Me will also provide a full relocation and employment preparation service.

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