Australian Work Visas

Australia is one of the world’s top choices when it comes to resettlement and working conditions. We are one of the top visa providers to professionals in UK and helping them fulfill their career dreams.

Most people choose Australia to work as it is better in terms of cost of living and opportunities for work. That is also what makes getting Australia Work Visas harder to get.

What are my options?

You can opt for either a sponsored or independent skilled worker visa. The sponsored path can be easier, but requires the immigrant to prove that they have an qualifying relative willing to sponsor them living in Australia, or, that they have been nominated by a state or territorial government body. Independent is harder to acquire, but gives more options to explore.

Are you looking for a more short term visit and looking for supplement money for your Australia trip? Working holiday visa is also a great way if you want to support your travel with a local work in Australia itself. Click here to know more about this visa type.

What are the requirements for work visa?

All applicants for a skilled worker visa must:

Be competent & fluent in English,

Be less than 50 years old

Possess needed work skills

Sponsorship documents if going for sponsored work visa

Approval for job in case of independent work visa

Work visas to Australia are limited and there is a lot of competition for acquiring one of those. The major reason for rejected applications is not knowing what will make the application qualify initial screening itself.

Our MARA registered agents and experts are here to help with your application. We make sure every requirement is taken care of well in advance. We work as partners to you for making sure your visa gets approved.


We are registered and regulated with Australia’s MARA to offer the most up-to-date Immigration advice. We are not affiliated with any Government and you are free to make an application directly to the Government who will only charge you their visa fees. The Government will not assist in the preparation or building of your application before its submitted. The ways in which to do this are not always clearly set out by the immigration authorities and result in many applicants presenting their cases incorrectly, inevitably leading to a refusal. Migrate Me has the expertise to ensure that all your options are made clear to you and your application completed to the highest standards. We provide a free assessment and only charge for additional services agreed in advance and in writing with no hidden charges. Migrate Me will also provide a full relocation and employment preparation service.

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