About Migrate Me

Who Are We & How Can We Help You?

Here at Migrate Me, we understand that immigrating to a new country means more than just securing a visa. It means making a better life for you and your family.

That's why we go above and beyond other immigration services to make your new life a reality.

We’re With You Every Step of the Way

We'll help you decide on your immigration goals and figure out how to make them fit your timeline, your terms, and your budget.

You can trust us to help file the paperwork, navigate the bureaucracy, and even find you a job in your soon-to-be new home.

And when the time comes, we'll connect you with reliable movers, real estate professionals, and travel agencies to make sure everything goes smoothly.

After all, why leave something so important to chance?

Why Choose Us?

  • Exemplary 97% success rate
  • Huge international network of employers and recruiting agencies
  • We work with Regulated Immigration Consultants who are regulated with MARA, ICCRC and OISC.
  • Over 25 years' combined experience helping people like you
  • Global team of experts with offices in London, Sydney, and Toronto
  • Ethical, transparent, and friendly service
  • Full confidentiality with the best money-back guarantee in the industry

We Specialize In...

  • Canadian Temporary and Permanent Migration Routes
  • Australian Skilled Migration, Employer Sponsored Routes, Investment and Family Visas
  • Denmark & Norway visas
  • USA visas & work visas

Are You A Corporation Looking for Skilled Immigrants?

Immigrants make great employees because they are highly driven people who are motivated to accept employment as soon as possible.

Here at Migrate Me, we’ve developed a huge international network of employers & recruiters.

If you’re looking for skilled workers, email us at info@migrate-me.com along with some details on what sort of workers you’re looking for. We’ll let you know when we find a skilled worker who’s looking to immigrate to your area.

Here's How We Go Above And Beyond

Visit our success stories page to read 2 examples of how we go above & beyond to make your dream of a better life a reality.

How Can We Get Started Helping You?

The first question most people have is, "Do I even qualify for a visa?"

That's why we offer a free visa assessment.

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Success Stories

Here are just a few examples of how we go above & beyond to make your dream of a better life a reality:

How We Helped David Find a Job in Australia

David thought his dream was over.

He desperately wanted to move to Australia with his wife and three kids, where they would finally get to have the life they always wanted.

More money. Fewer work hours. A brighter future for all of them. But in order to qualify for permanent residency, David needed to get high marks on an English language test. He was confident he could pass the exam.

Although English wasn’t David’s first language, he had been fluent for years and relied on his communication skills as a senior business manager.

So he confidently took the test. And failed his first attempt. He tried again and failed a second time. And a third time.

After that, he had practically given up on Australia altogether. It changed his whole outlook on life.

The bright future he had been dreaming of was slipping away...

...all because he froze up on exams.

That didn’t sit very well with us at Migrate Me. You see, we’ve seen this sort of thing before -- a few simple mistakes can hurt the future of an entire family.

We wanted to help David out.

So our staff started digging even deeper into his file. We looked for anything that might help him gain permanent residency in Australia.

And after a staggering amount of research, we found something we thought just might work.

There was a slim chance that David qualified for a special investor visa, designated for entrepreneurs. But there was a problem with going this route…

Victoria was the only state in Australia that would accept someone in David’s situation. And they only issued a mere 10 investor visas each year out of thousands of applications. David had to stand out to those Australian bureaucrats.

So we lobbied for a Skype call with the immigration management team in Victoria to discuss David’s case with them directly.

I think the officials in Victoria were a little surprised we went to such lengths -- few migration services bother to do this.

And then afterwards, we waited. It was pretty nerve-racking for David, considering that his family’s entire future came down to that one response. But the reply came only three days after Migrate Me’s call with the Australian officials...

They had approved David’s application.

Today, he’s living in Victoria with his wife and kids...realizing the dream he came so close to losing all because of a simple exam.

How We Helped Liam’s Entire Family Migrate to Canada

Liam didn’t meet any of the eligibility requirements for a Canadian visa.

After months of research online, he was sure of that.

He desperately wanted to move to Canada with his wife, daughter, and their beloved family Labrador Molly.

Canada would provide a higher salary and a better quality of life for his entire family.

But to qualify for a visa, Liam would need a job offer. And while he had great experience driving large commercial vehicles, his prospects in Canada were slim.

(It's difficult to convince overseas employers to hire an HGV driver due to the high financial commitment.)

To make matters worse, Liam’s daughter had a serious medical condition.

This is a frequent cause of refusal in Canada. Canada has an outstanding free medical system, and they do not want new immigrants to be a strain on it.

The bright future he had been dreaming of was slipping away…

And that’s when he approached Migrate Me.

From the start, we could tell that he had a few misconceptions.

And it’s easy to see why. In Liam’s own words, “The Internet was a minefield of contradicting information. And although there are guidelines for everything, the actual process, application forms, and supporting documents are not straightforward at all.”

We see this sort of thing all the time. Misinformation from the Internet can destroy a family’s chances of having a better life in another country.

That doesn't sit very well with us at Migrate Me. And that's why we wanted to help Liam and his charming family.

So we really dug into this case and looked for anything that might help him gain permanent residency in Canada.

Our strategy was to keep an eye on the recruiting trends of the trucking firms in Liam’s desired location. This way, we could see who was struggling to fill open positions.

We identified one company that had recently secured a new contract and needed 15 new drivers immediately. They had been struggling to fill these positions for 4 months, so we knew they were desperate for HGV drivers.

We took advantage of this situation to reach out to the company’s Operations Director. We were able to build rapport with him and secured an interview with Liam.

Two weeks later, Liam was offered the position.

Things were looking up, but we knew we weren’t done. There was still the matter of Liam’s daughter.

So we connected Liam’s family with a special doctor we had worked with before. The doctor reported that the daughter’s condition is manageable and would not be a strain on Canada’s medical system.

And the result?

Liam is currently scheduled to fly out to his new job to conduct the necessary training and license conversions.

Shortly thereafter, his family is flying out to join him.

So is that the end of this story?

Not quite.

We knew there was still one piece of the family that was unaccounted for: the family dog, Molly.

So to keep his entire family intact, our last act was to put Liam in touch with our pet relocation partner to arrange for his dog’s immigration.

In just a few short weeks, Liam’s family will be happily relocated to Canada.